We took a couple trips to beautiful Montana to look at some property for sale.  We got some pics of the whole crew on the way. 


We prayed for nice weather and the weather was beautiful! There was snow on the ground our second trip, but it was a sunny day and we made it home just before a big snowstorm hit our area. 

We would love to have some land of our own to build a little homestead on and we think we may have found it -  22 acres!

We explored the perimeter of the property to find all four boundary markers.

We all enjoyed the hike and the kids had fun exploring. 

There is a dry creek that runs through the property, but there was water in it! I was so happy to see this. I feel the Father had His hand on this property and held it just for us! There was an insect infestation (moth or beetle bug) that killed some of the trees. The lot was taken off of the market because of this and then later put back on - at a much lower price.  Some of the trees are dead, which means we can use the logs for firewood or for building.  And some of the trees affected are starting to come back!  We are very excited! 

We saw lots of signs of wildlife on our hike and two lots down, we saw some wild turkeys roaming about.  

We close on the property on or before April 16th. We are excited to go explore the land and make plans for putting in a culvert, a road and a well and explore possible ways to build a cabin. We are praying that the Father keep His hand on this land, on us and on all that we do!

Here are more pics (including the ones above) if you want to see more. 


  1. We won't be moving to Montana. We are hoping to build a cabin or small house for future and summer use. It will take us a few years to finish it, but we hope to start on it this summer and at least get the structure up. It will be fun to camp there in the summer. We will plant some trees and berry bushes and make a little homestead of sorts, but we like where we are and feel God has us here for now. :-)

  2. It's beautiful! And I loved the pic of the turkeys. Now, THAT is a plus.