Geography Through Literature

We have completed our 2 year trip around the world, exploring countries and cultures and for the rest of the school year, we will be doing a unit study on the book, Around the World in Eighty Days, by Jules Verne. 
Our objective:
  • To make the learning of geography and social studies fun and interesting by using literature.
We will be mapping the journey of Phileas Fogg and his servant, Passepartout as they travel around the world.  We will use the unit study from the Trail Guide to World Geography, by Cindy Wiggers as a guide to our discussions and map work. We hope this will be a great review of our travels around the world!


  1. What a wonderful idea! That is such a fun book...

  2. That looks like a lot of fun! This is a neat book and I bet will be a great unit study! Enjoy!


  3. Did you use only Exploring Cultures and Countries, or did you use Galloping the Globe at all? I am really praying about the Curriculum we're to use. I know I want to do a real thorough Geography study, and I'm interested in what you recommend. I think you're doing a beautiful job on your blog by the way. God's best and greatest blessings!!

  4. Kathy, I did not use Galloping the Globe. Jolanthe would be a good one to ask about that. My biggest resources from MFW have been World Geography, Trip Around the World, Another Trip Around the World, Geography for Christian Schools (Bob Jones text), missionary stories, Geography Songs (a must whatever you choose!) an atlas (another must have), printable maps (must have) and Trail Guide. The first couple months of our trip was focused on general physical geography and I made up notebooking pages to go along with the BJ text (first 5 chapters I think). Then we traveled around the world exploring countries and cultures. I do suggest that you do US geography separate. . . we ended up spending a lot of time there and notebooked through each state. If you have any more questions, I would love to help! And thank you for your thoughtful comments! I pray you find what you are looking for. :-)