Homework: Juggling Home, Work and School Without Losing Your Balance

HomeWork: Juggling Home, Work, and School Without Losing Your Balance is the newest E-book available from The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine. This is not a book about barely getting by! Several industrious homeschooling families share how they not only survive, but thrive at managing a home, a family, homeschooling several children and running a business at the same time!
These families creatively supplement their family's income, and share what works for them and help you to decide if something like this would even work for you and your family. Four families share creative ideas that might help you. Each family's story offers practical tips, inspiration, encouragement, advice and motivation on how to confidently proceed while maintaining your balance.
"These work-and-school-at-home families share the many benefits they enjoy:
  • Spending more time together, learning new skills and having fun
  • Being able to help out with finances (and make life easier!)
  • Discipleship and teaching children practical business skills
  • Freedom to direct their own financial destiny
  • Bringing Dad home and back to the family
  • Using their talents, interests, or previous experience to jump-start a business
  • Being free of the typical job industry and all the hassles involved
  • Following the Biblical calling of a Proverbs 31 woman
You'll be inspired with all the helpful information that these various authors provide through their real-life, work-and-play-and-educate-at-home experiences. Their stories reveal strength, ingenuity, patience and commitment, as they share their struggles, their methods, the ups and downs, the risks, the blessings, successes, and most of all, their FAITH."
I was inspired with what these families had to say about their experiences. These are real families telling their story. Families like mine. The first story endeared me to this book right off. It is about a family who lives, schools and runs a business in their motorhome. I could relate to this as we (a family of 7) lived, schooled and renovated a turn of the century brick home while living in a motorhome. It was a lot of work but we did it as a family. My son's learned the value of hard work and how to be a provider. "School" consisted of calculating expenses, painting walls and trim, measuring to help install new floors, using tools and most importantly working together to achieve a common goal. Somedays were tough and I lost my balance. Looking back, I can see how much I learned from this experience and am grateful for the experience of others who helped us through that time. The families in this book share that experience with you.
This e-book is 95 pages long - not something I would want to print, even though I love having a print copy of whatever I am reading. However, the way the book is broken up into individual stories, along with a nice layout make reading it online easy enough.
Most importantly, it got me thinking that I, too, want to invest my time, my talent, in a wise way. I think every mom will see themselves in this book and realize that they too can apply themselves to invest wisely and realize that they can't do it all, but that His grace is sufficient in all we do!