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My Blue Boat {Before FI♥AR}

My Blue Boat begins as a toy sailboat in the bathtub and then it catches the wind, as well as a child's imagination, as it sails past the sleeping town, through the channel, into the busy harbor and across the wide ocean. It meets a fishing fleet, sails up and down the swells, dances with whales and dolphins and looks for stars before it drifts back towards the beacon and home. Lots of wonderful ocean vocabulary and a fun story with a very similar story line to Yellow Ball. The similarity in the two stories was pointed out in the manual and I didn't even make the connection.

See, I couldn't find the manual the whole time we rowed this book and only found it at the very end. When I found the manual, here is what I read:

"...at this age learning should be a by-product with the enjoyment of reading together the main goal." ~ Lambert p. 18
Because I have not had much energy, we have mostly spent a lot of time reading and talking about the story and illustrations, so this was encouraging to me. It also answers a question I have been getting about B4. The manual is really meant to be simple activities ~ from art suggestions, discussion topics, oral language development, to plenty of imaginary and hands on play ideas to stimulate your child. 

This simplicity works well for me because it is enough by itself, (which may have to be enough for me until I get a little further along in my pregnancy), but it also lends itself for inspiration and creativity, which I love. So, as I mentioned in my introductory post, something planned out, but with lots of room for creativity is a perfect fit for me.

Along with reading and discussion, here are a few things that happen when you give a mom a book called My Blue Boat:

Balsa Wood Boats

I cut boat shapes out of balsa wood, and had them paint them blue. 
(The boat with the square out of the middle was a paddle boat, the piece inside was attached with a rubber band with a stapler and it was wound up to go. But, buy the time we got around to sailing our boats, the paddle had been overwound and the rubber band lost it's stretch and wouldn't work anymore). 

We experimented with different sail shapes and added a keel (keeps the boat from tipping) and rudder (steers the boat) to one of the boats and talked about what each part does and another day we sailed them in the bathtub (since the book begins with the boat in the bathtub). We also talked about other parts of a boat: stern, bow and mast.
(I guess I could have added a little more water!)

Watercolor Resist

I drew the sailboat with crayon (from Draw Write Now) and had the kids watercolor over it. They asked me to add the stars too, and they counted each one, just like we did in the book.
Elli's and then Mali's boats. 
Sketch Time

"I dance with whales. . ." Malachi's sketch of the Blue Boat dancing with whales. (Those are little fish by the whale's tail.)
I usually have him narrate the story back to me, but this was such a short story I figured he would want to tell me the whole story!

Create a Memory: {Mock} Tuna Schooners and an Imaginary Picnic 

They were so creative ~ they used the strawberries to make a flag on top of the mast.

We had a lovely picnic as we sailed in "our blue boat." They loved this! The sticks are fish that they caught while fishing. Later Elli was talking about "our picnic when we used our imagination." =)

So about that Mock Tuna. This has become a favorite around here. I've adjusted it a bit to feed our family (with plenty of leftovers).

Ingredients we used:
  • 1/2 large purple onion diced small
  • 1 tomato diced
  • 4-5 stalks of celery diced small
  • 2 15 oz.can of garbanzo beans (chick peas) drained
  • Mayo (We love and use non-gmo Hain Safflower mayonnaise)
  • Real Salt and pepper to taste
(Before the mayo is added, so colorful!)

I crush the beans in my mixer (much easier) and then stir in the rest of the ingredients.

We love, love, love this recipe and have made it several times! I love it because we no longer buy store bought tuna and haven't for years (because of the high levels of mercury it contains) and we buy chick peas in bulk. And it tastes better, so win, win for us! {Well, not all of us ~ Dylan won't eat onions, celery, or tomatoes, so he just had a cheese sandwich.}

Lap Journal and Activities:

Elli painted with bubble wrap to make bubble wrap prints on a letter B.

Elli and Mali both helped cut out and color the pieces for the lapbooks. Elli glued down the blue collage pieces for the "What is Blue" page and I glued the lapbooks on the page.
Can you believe it took me a whole month to do this?! I think we managed one decent activity a week, including shopping for supplies! 

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