Tot School with Bo {Currently}

This is close to the time I started thinking about being more intentional about doing tot school with Bo, (as mentioned when I shared my homeschool mother's heart).

Bo loves puzzles on my iPhone, so I pulled out our Shape Shuffle to see if he would be interested in doing it. He was all for it, though anything but the circles was a challenge for him, so I ordered an easier set of Beginner Pattern Blocks for him.  

I then pulled out Play-Doh and when he was done, I realized I really need to come up with a plan for Bo for tot school! He is ready and he really NEEDS this! 

Play Time {Captured} 

Bo adores this Friesian Cow Family by Calico Critters. I got it for Elli for her birthday, but Bo adopted it before she even opened it and she gave it to him to play with. Bo hasn't been real interested in playing with toys, so I was surprised. I've since noticed him taking more of an interest in toys.

Lining them all up. :) 

Eliana's Little Mommy Doctor Mommy Doll is an interactive doll for pretend nurturing play. This little doll engaged Bo for a good amount of time and he was so sweet to watch. He listened to her heart beat, took her temperature, gave her medicine drops, checked her throat, and "interacted" with her. ♥

Her forehead lights up when she has a fever. 

A Favorite Book

One day, Bo brought me Snuggy Puppy, a book that a sweet friend gave me when I was trying to wean Bo. It is such a sweet book and I love to sing it to him. He even hums the tune a little and this day, he BROUGHT the book to me.. WITH my camera, (my BIG camera and ALL the way up the stairs with it!), pulled up a little chair, put the book on the chair and then used it as a table for the book and looked through the book while humming. :) 

After I pulled these photos (for I wasn't planning on writing a post when I took them), I started looking through all that I HAVE done with Bo over the past year (age 1) and I put them in a post to share next. . . sort of a, "this is what we have been doing" before I share what our new tot school with Bo looks like. (I will start sharing next week!).