Tot School with Bo {Ages 12-24 months}

Bo was a busy boy at the age of one. From the time he could crawl, he was pulling up, climbing things and making messes. And he wasn't real interested in baby toys. Though, I still made every effort to make them available to him. . . 

He only touched a few of these until he was about 20 months old. His favorite being a Lights and Sounds Tractor (pictured below) and a Playmobil 1.2.3. Truck with Garage

He liked to watch Signing Time videos with Eliana. He would kick his feet happily when the theme song came on. 

A sensory bin for his tractor, which all the younger kids enjoyed playing with.

Bo's first time painting was not a sucess.

Then a friend sent me the book, Slow and Steady Get Me Ready and I started using the book with Bo. By far, his favorite activity was the button can. He did this over and over and I carried it with me if I left the house. 

He is even sick in these pics {bless his heart} and running a fever. . . and doing the button can.

Bo has a fascination with the Berkey water filters. When I needed cooking water, I let him fill them up. 
Which led to the water play station below the Berkeys. 

Helping me refill the bean jar. 

Edible chocolate play dough with teddy bear cookies. 

Bo loves to do anything "big peopleish." 
Bo's first happy paint! 

Doing school with Mali and Elli ~ a soap experiment and blowing through straws to make bubbles.

Pretend Root Beer Floats 

Tot School with Mali and Elli for The Bee Tree

Edible Peanut Butter Play Dough

New Play Dough tools

And a Latches Board

Bo loves to play on my iPhone - a little too much at this time. Though, it was a lego app that got him interested
in building with duplos and lego primo. 
24 months

  1. loves to do anything big peopleish... help with laundry, put things away, help in the kitchen, pour his own milk, bake something, cook something, get into stuff and make messes! {I call this life school.} 
  2. has a fascination with my printer ~ turning it on and off, trying to send a fax, making photo copies... LOVES the printer! 
  3. loves to be OUTSIDE, until it turned cold and now even on sunny days in the winter, he will go out to play. 
  4. loves to play on my phone {and is quite good at it}.
  5. now, he wants to watch movies. This happened to Malachi right at age two. 
  6. is starting to take more of an interest in books.