Tot School with Bo {Letter Dd}

Letter: Dd
Object: Duck
Vocabulary: Birds and All About Ducks
Color: Orange

~Bo is 27 months old~

for the printables for this unit.} 

This was going to be a busy, stressful week at home, with my husband working late, late hours preparing for soccer so I took the 4 youngest to our place in Montana for the week. Bo cut his foot so we ended up coming home early (it is hard to keep him clean up there and I was worried about it getting infected), but we got in a full week of tot school while we were there. My life, off grid and unplugged, is much simpler so it was easy to do a full week of school in just three days, with plenty of time to play. And Bo is such an eager little learner! 



I was doing school at the table with Mali and Elli when Bo climbed up ready to do school, too. I had these strips ready to go to work on cutting this week, so I grabbed them first and let him cut while I set up his trays. (All of his tot school was packed into two canvas bags). 
I forgot his tot scissors, which are spring loaded, so he had to improvise. He adapted very well and used his mouth to open the scissors when his little fingers couldn't do the job. 

School around the table ~ one of my favorite things. 

His completed work. 

Sticker the Letter Dd

Still love how he matches the stickers to the letters on the paper. 

Yellow + Red = Orange 

Letter Dd Stamping (with a cookie cutter D)

Dot Paint the Letters & Ducks

Dot painting the duck's bill. 

What Starts with Dd? 

Duck Songs and Finger-plays 

"Five little ducks that I once knew. . . "

Five Little Ducks Printable
"But the one little duck with the feather on his back, he led the others with a quack, quack, quack."

Science Play

Bo participated in a science demonstration that Mali and Elli were doing for Sonlight Core A Science. {Making bubbles with baking soda and vinegar. Then, I let him play with it on the tray.}

I bought some new strawberry toothpaste gel and Bo loved it so much he wanted to brush his teeth several times a day. . . 

with someone else's toothbrush. : ) 

I snapped the following photo because Bo was pretend playing with the Playmobil Little Girl. He was having her ride a skate board and making little "talking" sounds just before I took it. 


Bo Loves Band-Aids {Don't most kids?} 

Good fine motor skill practice. ;-) 

Letter Dd Basket 

{2 Part Puzzle from Homeschool Creations}
{Chocolate Drops} Alphabet Match  

{I forgot to hole punch the letters, so we improvised with natural chocolate drops.}

3-Part Matching 

{Pulled out my Quilted Rag Letters to include in his letter basket, too.}

Color Basket

We use these to play hide-and-seek and for color themed play-dough play. 

Yellow Play Dough + Red Play Dough = Orange Play Dough

Cutting out D's with a cookie cutter. 

Do-a-Dot Letter D

 3.19.13 ~ later in the day. 

{ABC Do-a-Dot Printables from Homeschool Creations}

Link-n-Learn Dd is for Duck 

ABC Find It! Letter Dd

I used bird seed (since our vocab theme was birds) for Bo's sensory experience. Birdseed is really great to use outside, but it was too cold today. 

When Bo placed the orange D, he saw the mama dog with her puppies
and he searched the whole bin until he found that one before moving on. :)

All done.

Duck Shapes 

{and time for a snack}

All About Ducks & Sensory Play {Scoop & Pour} 

Lunch Time

I had potatoes baking in the wood cook stove for our lunch today ~ reminded me so much of our row of Three Names that I had to take a picture. 

Connect the Ducks 

Left to Right 

and scribbling with a Crayola dry-erase marker.
Talking about Different Birds

and more scribbling. 
Do-a-Dot Painting Squares 

Where's a square painter when you need one? He dot painted until he filled in each square, making several dots to get fill the squares.

Matching Colors 

Shadow Matching 

This is the first time that Bo has teased me during our tot school time (below). As you can see above, he was about to correctly match the ducks, then he placed it above the other one and giggled. I remember Eliana doing this with activities during tot school when she was 2. Later, I had the thought that maybe they are too easy and he is becoming bored with them. 

Three-Part Sequencing 

(I talked him through this one.)
Numbers 1 - 10

I just want to reach into that picture and wash his face!

I'm trying to make these a regular part of his learning time since he is not talking yet. 
Signing "time"

Signing "hat" 

So, I grabbed his hat for him. 
Playing Outside

Crawling his bug up the dirt hill. 

And finally a bath before bed. 

Our last day was a sunny, warm day so we spent more time outside after it warmed up and only did a few tot school activities. 

Cutting a Banana with a {dull} Knife
More Signing Time

"Playing" Hedbanz with Sissy

Float or Sink

I thought it was intuitive that he placed the pom poms on both the float and the sink trays because they did do both. When placed in the water, they floated for a few minutes and then sank once they were soaked. This was kind of a hard concept to grasp at first, but I know we will have more opportunities. 

He was quite attached to these shades and he put them on the sink tray before snatching them up. 
The rest of the afternoon was spent trekking behind Malachi and Eliana wherever their play took them and exploring on his own. 

And after a full day of play, another bath is in order. 

This is about the time Bo cut his foot (climbing on the back of the suburban) so I decided to pack up and head home and it was really quite nice to be home again.


Project Life 

Bo has his own Project Life album. I give him access to left over pictures I have and he puts them in his own album. (This keeps him out of my albums. I'd find lots of surprises inside pockets and bent pages if I left mine out.) He has about three or four pages and he puts pictures in and takes them out over and over. Eliana plays with it too. This is an old Amber Edition album that was left over when I upgraded to the new (and improved) albums. 

I started a new blog to share my Project Life {and other projects I'm working on} but that was almost 2 months ago and I only have one post (I have a hard time keeping up a second blog). I started it to motivate and encourage myself to make time to do other things that I love to do (and blogging is a good motivational tool). My latest projects around the house have been sewing a duvet cover (out of sheets), de-leavening for the Spring Holy Days, spring cleaning, organizing, minimizing, school planning and ordering, printing and laminating for Bo's school, brightening up our home and being content. . . and now I am ready to get back to work on my Project Life!

But before I do, I have to catch up here on Delightful Learning. I'm getting requests to share how school is going with the other kids. I am still homeschooling them! I've just been focusing on Bo because I needed to establish a regular routine of intentional tot school and I think I have done that!

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