Tot School with Bo {If You Give a Cat a Cupcake}

Letter Cc ~ Part II 
See Part I here

~Bo is 26.5 months old~

{March 10th & 12th -15th}

I got the idea to spend a week on this book after Bo got excited about seeing the pink cupcake on the ABC Find It! page for Letter Cc (below). After that I focused on all things pink and cupcake! 

See Cc is for Cupcake @ Totally Tots for inspiration and links to printables for this unit! 

Rhyming and Matching 

I read the poem to Bo and he matched the cupcakes and then fed the cat. Bo loved this and asked to play with it almost every day.  

Cupcake Craft 

With "pink frosting" paint and glitter "sprinkles!" 

Bo's cupcake. 

Eliana's cupcake.

Pretend Cupcake Play with Cloud Dough

We had so much fun making Pretend Root Beer Floats with cloud dough using Inner Child Fun's tutorial and it is perfect for cupcakes, too! 

Muffin tin with liners, scoops, cupcake picks, pretend sprinkles and pink cloud dough.

Letter Cc and Cupcake Stamping 

If You Set Up the Ingredients to Get Ready to Make Cupcakes, Your Little One Will Climb on the Counter and Start Making Them All. By. Himself. 

He'll add the cake mix and the eggs and mix it up with with his hands. 

His hands will get all messy so you'll have to wash them. Then you'll give him a whisk to mix it properly. 

When he realizes it is too sticky. . . 

 You'll help him add the water and oil. Then help him pour the batter so he can add the sprinkles.  

Then you'll secretly make the pink frosting (colored with just a little beet juice) while the cupcakes are cooling, then frost them and add sprinkles and cute food picks to tie into the book. 

Then you freeze them before serving because frozen pink cupcakes are the BEST! 

ABC Fishing at the "Beach" 

Can't remember what makes the cat want to get his swim trunks on and go to the beach, but we did the same and fished for ABC's. 

The Rest of Our Week

That is the end of our cupcake fun and the beginning of my big oops - a failed haircut in which I, not realizing that I did not have the guard on the clippers (!), buzz Bo bald in the front. 

I didn't panic, but I tried to blend it and then went out and bought him a hat. Which he loved ~ for a very short time only. . . and I came to the realization that I can't hide my mistake. for long. 

And, off it goes. : )

The truth is. . . it made me fall in love with my little man all over again. I realized that it's not the hair that I love about him. I am totally in love with who he is. 

Waiting for 2 brothers and a sister to get their hair cut

I guess I was a little gun shy to cut any more hair that day. 

This is where he tells her to just take a "little" off. ;-P

Playing with Blocks

Development Screen

Bo had his screen today. It was a busy visit (I meant to take more pics, but only got one) full of questions and tests to assess Bo's development in the areas of hearing, speech/language skills, cognitive and adaptive skills, motor functioning, and social/emotional development. He tested well for his age in most areas, but, of course, verbal expression. I was encouraged that the speech therapist pointed out that although Bo is not talking, he has good intonation. I have not seen the results yet, but he has an appointment coming up for a Routines Based Interview soon where we will discuss family routines and set goals for speech therapy. 

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