Tot School with Bo {Letter Cc}

Letter: Cc
Object: Cats
Vocabulary: Pets
Color: Yellow

~Bo is 26 months old~

See Tot School Printables for the printables for this unit. 

Week 1

March 4th

Playdough for Color Yellow and Cc is for Cat. 
ABC Find it! Letter Cc and Sensory Play

Clothespin Alphabet Match {Modified with plastic clips}

These are for teaching/learning. Later, I will hole punch all the letters to make it more challenging. 

Dot Painting Shapes: Hearts 

Design and Drill 

I think this is the first time we've actually made a design ~ a letter C! 

March 8th

Bo had his child development screen today. This is one of the fine motor skills test he did (below). We did not finish the evaluation as she determined that he qualifies for a full evaluation which takes place in the home. {Scheduled for next Friday} They were not able to do the hearing test because he had fluid on his ears (due to being sick). 

March 9th

Numbers and Magnet Pompoms

Informal tot school day at Bo's request and a willing Play Dough partner. 

Cat Colors

Letter Cc Basket 

2 and 3 Part Puzzles

Link-n-Learn Cc is for Cat

He really likes the links more than the shoe lace and it helps develop fine motor skills! I ordered these from a pet supply store (links and shapes below), but would have ordered them on Amazon if I could have found them at the time! This Tub of Linking Shapes is also great because it has circles, triangles, squares, and ovals. (I added it to my cart!). 

March 10th

Kumon Let's Color! 

(This is the same book that I used with Eliana!)

Color Matching Caps 

Letter Cc Stickers, Stamping, and Cookie Cutter Painting 

He thought he was so funny for putting the letter c sticker on the cat's nose. [chuckle]

All lined up. 
Dot Paining and Color Cap Matching

Dot Pictures from Homeschool Creations. 

"Waiting for Spring" ~ I posted this on my Instagram with the caption, "Me too, buddy. Me too." 

March 11th

Cc is for Cat Magnet Pompoms

Cat Shapes

I cut out a set of laminated cat shapes and printed an extra sheet for him to match the shapes. Then, I called out the shape as he matched them. 


Bo loves pictures of Animals (planning to do Animal ABC's next) and he enjoyed looking at the different ones that can be pets. Later, he recognized some of the pets in a counting video we watched (below). 

Cats Shadow Matching 

Bo enjoys these! 

Connect the Cats

March 12th

ABC Review

Pointing to the letters as I call them out. 

Learning to Put the Blocks Away! 

Week 1, as you can see, was mostly focused on Letter Cc Tot School Printables. Bo was still not feeling well this week, but better than the last 2 weeks. We spent another week on letter Cc using the book If You Give a Cat a Cupcake and will share that next. 

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