Tot School with Bo {Blueberries for Sal}

This is the week of April 28th - May 3rd and I am playing catch up. 

~Bo is 29 months old~

Bo loves Blueberries for Sal. He picked it every day to read one week, so I pulled together some activities for him to focus on the book for a week. 

"Blueberry" Pretend Playdough

Making "blueberry muffins" with Bo. ♥

Sharing with Mama. ♥

num, num ♥
Counting with Blueberries

(With the Blueberries for Sal Fold and Learn from FIAR.)

Making Fruit Salad

(With help from Sis)

Bear Puzzle 

Left to Right Tracing Practice

Where is Little Bear? 

An excellent tool for teaching location with respect to objects (prepositions!). 


We used the picture cards from the printable pack to find all the objects in the story. Bo loved this. 

Counting the canning jars. ♥

Fruit Puzzles

(From Dollar Tree)

Speech Therapy

. . . continues with "Wheels on the Bus." And Bo loooves busses, so that is what we did next! 

Delightful Links: 

(Although this is a Before Five in a Row selection, we did not row this book - my B4 set is out on loan, so I didn't have the manual to use. I mostly share the extra things we do with FIAR and followed the spirit of rowing, so I will link up anyway, but wanted to clarify!) 

Real time update: 

This is August and I have one more theme post to catch up on and 2 letter posts - Ii and Kk. We skipped Jj and then took 2 months off - June and July. We did letter Jj after we got home from a trip to the Oregon coast and I am ready to get back into a regular tot school time again! But, I'm still working on pulling together curriculum for the new school year and working on Our Home{school} Home to get it ready for a new school year. We plan to start school by August 26th and I hope to share our curriculum by then.