Katy No-Pocket {Before FI♥AR}

~Bo is 3 years, 5 months~

Katy No-Pocket is a Before Five in a Row selection about a kangaroo without a pocket and how she goes about getting one. It is not my favorite book, and I don't enjoy reading it, but it has a huge variety of animals and critters and that made it fun for Bo. It also involves problem solving, helping others, and has plenty of opportunities for counting and learning about animal mothers and how they carry their babies.

We played with Bo's Socket To Me set, read the book and did some of the activities and discussions from the manual, matched the animal classification cards to the animals and insects in the book (there were a LOT!), did some fine motor practice with nuts and bolts, counted, did a tool matching and art activity, and made a Pavolva!

The character trait from the manual is kindness, but since we did that for our last LH unit, I chose the virtue perseverant, since Katy does not give up on finding a pocket (though she is rather emotional over her failed attempts).

I rowed Katy No-Pocket with Mali and Elli when they were 3 and 5.

Make a MemoryPavlova

The setting of the story takes place in Australia, and I knew I wanted a reason to make this again!

Crisp meringue outside with a soft marshmallow like center. . . topped with whipped cream and fresh fruit. Yum!

I was inspired to row this with Bo when I received the Socket To Me set to review. Love how that worked out. I really wanted to make Bo an apron to stuff with animals, but forgot. This is a memory making idea from the manual and is so cute when I see it on other blogs! Maybe next time. :)

The summer solstice will officially mark the beginning of summer in three days and I am hoping the sun will shine to celebrate! We've had some sunny and beautiful days followed by weeks of chilly weather and lots of rain (I have a sweater and a blanket on me as I type). IF summer comes next week, I plan on rowing The Yellow Ball followed by My Blue Boat. Really hoping it warms up because I have some fun warm weather activities planned!

More Katy fun:

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Remember: You can read any book for five days in a row, and do many wonderful activities to go-along, but you cannot “row” a book without the Five in a Row manual. Furthermore, my posts are certainly not meant to replace the manual. What I share is how we use the manual. Please read Rowing with Five in a Row to learn more!