California or Bust!

Just popping in for a quick moment to say that we are on the road and have left behind the cold and snowy roads of Wyoming and are headed to sunny California. My husband will be attending an expo at a Disneyland Resort hotel this week and we get to tag along!

As much as I was enjoying the beautiful spring-like weather we have been having in Wyoming, I confess that I was a little happy that it snowed right before we left - until we started driving on the icy interstate. It took us 3 hours to drive 144 miles. We didn't make good timing on the roads today, but we still made it past Salt Lake City before sunset. We had dinner, took the kids for a swim, and are now tucking everyone in bed (including me!). 

This past week in school, we finished up our row of Mailing May, made it to the half way point in All About Reading and Spelling, and Eliana finished her Math Lessons for a Living Education Book 2. It felt like a good stopping point. We started activities for Corduroy about half way through the week. I didn't feel like packing it with us, so maybe we'll visit a big city department store? and finish when we get home. :)

I did bring along a little bit of school to do while on the road. Malachi is working on Critical Thinking's Editor-In-Chief and Visual Learning System, an online video based Science resource that we have been using to supplement our Science for a Crew review. I also brought along a read-aloud for bedtime and lesson plans for Roxaboxen since we will be driving through Arizona on our way home and plan to stay a full day and 2 nights at the Grand Canyon. 

As for our time in California while my husband is in classes, the 3 younger kids and I get to relax, explore,
and spend time with a dear blogging friend that I get to meet for the first time! This is such a blessing to me to get to meet her! This whole trip is such a blessing - not something we would have afforded on our own. Our gas is paid for there and back and our hotel tonight is the only room we have to pay for. My husband works all week, but we plan to go to Disneyland as a family on Sunday. Then we will be caravanning home with Luke's aunt, uncle and grandma - which was another unexpected blessing because when we mentioned that we wanted to go go the Grand Canyon, Luke's grandma has never been and wanted to go too. So we get to camp with them in their motorhome on our way home!

Well, we will have a busy day next week this time, so I'll try to take a few pics and schedule a post to go out next week for my weekly post. Until then, I'm taking a break and not thinking about blogging! :)


  1. Have fun and praying for safe travels.

  2. Sounds wonderful. Yah provides is awesome ways. May He protect you all & bless your trip with wonderful memories. Hugs! :)

  3. You guys have so much fun!Safe travels too.

  4. Ummm, I'm not Pete....that's my husband. I'm Sarah :-)

  5. Have fun! We wish you could "stop" by Oregon too! Have a wonderful break as a family! Blessings from Pleasant Hill!

  6. So excited for you! I love it when God rolls out the red carpet and surprises us so well!! Have a blast and take lots of pictures!!

    Love you,

  7. California here you came!! Thank you so much for a most memorable week filled with so many blessings.

    Your family is aaaahhhhmazing and I was touched beyond words and overwhelmed with our time together. I had so much I still wanted to share and the time just ran away as my heart melted with your friendship and the words escaped me.

    Praying for continued safe travels.