Angus Lost {B4FI♥AR}

~Boaz is 4 years old ~ 

Always curious, Angus runs away from his house to seek new adventures. Find them he does, but will Angus make it back home? 

Winter & Seasons
When WINTER came Angus grew tired of the SAME YARD and the SAME HOUSE and the SAME CAT and all the SAME THINGS he knew all about. 

We started our row by reading The Berenstain Bears' Big Book of Science and Nature. We read A Year in Bear Country ~ Seasons and Weather.


Winter Weather: How will we know it's winter? Your knees shiver, you see ice in the river. Your breath shows, you've got a runny nose (mommy gives you EOs). :)

Facts About Snow: the difference between a flurry and a blizzard and that every snowflake is different than the others.

Things Winter Brings: snow, snow shoveling, winter boots and caps, sickness, ice skating, sledding, snowmen and snowy day walks, ice and icicles, and of course cabin fever and winter BOREDOM.

January was the perfect time to row this as January is one of our hardest winter months of the year. It's very cold and snowy and the snow comes and stays.

We read about the WIND that came with the SNOW when Angus got lost.

Facts About Wind: wind is air that is MOVING. A soft wind is a BREEZE, a strong wind that blows your hat off is a GALE, and a TORNADO picks up things and whirls them around.

Seasons ~ we went through all the seasons and what they bring.

Then in the Bearenstain Bears Nature Guide section, we read almost everything small bears and kids need to know about the ANIMALS.

Angus was curious about OTHER PLACES and OTHER THINGS such as - WHERE the MILK MAN came from and WHERE the WIDE ROAD went to and WHAT kind of animals CARS are and things like that. 

Actual Facts About the World of Animals: 
  1. Animals are living things
  2. Animals can move around
  3. Animals need food to stay alive
  4. Animals reproduce

Me: Is Angus an animal?

Bo: "Yeah, ALL THINGS are animals." 

Me: ALL things? Is the car an animal? 

Bo: "No, all things are animals except for OTHER THINGS." 


So, we talked about all the THINGS that ARE animals and found them in the book.

The dog, the cat, the OTHER DOG, the goat (the STRANGER), the owl, the horse and the ducks.

And we TALKED about what mammals are and which animals were mammals and which THINGS were not (the ducks).

Where Milk Comes From

Angus was curious about OTHER PLACES and OTHER THINGS such as - WHERE the MILK MAN came from and WHERE the WIDE ROAD went to and WHAT kind of animals CARS are and things like that. 

We talked about where milk comes from and that it comes from an animal that is a mammal - the COW, and we read The Milk Makers, by Gail Gibbons, and learned how milk makes it from the farm to our home.

Caring for Dogs 

We read Dogs, by Gail Gibbons.

Bo's list of things a dog needs:
  • food
  • walk
  • water
  • clean 
  • play
  • nice bed
  • love it
Visit a Scottish Terrier

I put an ad on our local up-cycle group looking for a friendly Scottish Terrier from a loving home that we could visit and pet. I asked if they would talk briefly about how to care for a small dog (food, water, walk/exercise, nice cozy bed, safe toys, and love) and talk about the scottie's temperament.
I got a reply from someone who works with Bo's speech therapist and we are waiting to go make our visit.

We played OBEDIENCE SCHOOL. I had Bo and Elli sit, lie, roll over, and fetch a cardboard paper tube.

And we played PET STORE.

  • Chocolate puff cereal for DOG FOOD.
  • Peanut Butter Cut Out Cookie DOG BONES. (recipe)
  • Fruit Leather RAWHIDES and CHEWS.

Elli made the sign and Bo sold treats to the family.

A Snowy CAVE

SNOW came, and WIND came, and into a CAVE crawled Angus, and he waited and waited and waited until -  
DAY came. 

I made the cave with a papasan chair - propped the seat up on the base and covered it with a fluffy white comforter and layered white iridescent tulle (free) to make a snowy scene.

...and into a cave crawled Bo.

Ordering Numbers 1-20

What numbers are missing?

(Number stickers from Project Life ~ Clementine Edition.)

Story Sequencing 

Cutting Practice

Where is the Angus? (Prepositions)

Things I Know About Me

Dig in the Dirt Milkshakes

Chocolate shakes with crushed chocolate chip cookies to end our row (inspired by my row with Mali and Elli). 

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  1.! How precious!I read this book to my bigger boys not long ago, and they loved it. I love the snow cave and pet store. What a fun week!

  2. Hi Michelle!

    Do your older kiddos (namely Elaina and Malachi) sometimes get in on these rows too?

    I haven't done a row is a looong time and I'm wondering what to do with my seven year old while I'm rowing with Nora who is 4.