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Without my camera... woe is me! My posts for Wednesday and Thursday were somewhat lacking, so I combined them into one post. So thankful I only post homeschool updates weekly! I could not do this on a daily basis regularly. 


Today we finished up Unit 4 in Bigger Hearts for His Glory and wrapped up our school week early so we could prepare for the Passover tomorrow.

Science Notebooking

Since we were so close to finishing One Small Square: Seashore, I went ahead and finished it taking us through Day 2 of Unit 5. I'm really excited to start our next science book!

Vocabulary Notebooking

For Artistic Expression, Elli designed an Indian blanket. 

She added to her Timeline. We didn't do Math or Reading today. 

I made cultured veggies last week after wanting to for a long time and after reading that Fermented Vegetables are the Ultimate Super Food and they were ready to try today! 

I used Mercola's Kinetic Culture recipe, but instead of ordering the Kinetic Culture, I used four Complete Probiotic capsules in celery juice for my starter (since he used that before marketing the Kinetic Culture). It is good! I especially like having the veggies with some salt and pepper and olive oil to balance out the vinegar. (The veggies would be great on a salad.)

We went to Homeschool Swim at the Y...

because I knew my friend, Jenny, and her kids would be there. 

I invited them over after swimming, knowing they were staying in town for church. We had popcorn (with butter) for a snack and I put out a plate of celery and ranch and then peanut butter when the ranch was gone (I bought a BUNCH of celery to make the starter for the veggies and had lots left over). The kids played while we talked. 

Legos and army guys. :)

Bo, Malachi and Eliana with Jenny and her 7 kids.

Then Eliana had soccer practice, but Malachi missed his because we both forgot (that happens often).

Dinner... oh, dinner! I was supposed to make Taco Soup for Nathan's soccer team dinner! I cooked up some hamburger and made a big crockpot full of taco soup, grabbed a bag of tortilla chips, a bag of shredded cheese, and a container of sour cream, Luke came home to watch the kids, and I ran it up to the high school... only 5 minutes late... and the dinner was over. Practice got out early and they had to clear the cafeteria for an orchestra event. And of course, nobody wanted to eat Taco Soup for days, and I didn't think to freeze it. 

I don't even remember what else happened that night. I may have gone to bed early!


Today was simply a crazy day of cleaning, attending Nathan's soccer game, and then rushing home to prepare for the Passover service. (Leftover taco soup for dinner). We had a solemn Christian Passover service that consisted of foot washing, unleavened bread, and "wine." Then I went to bed early.

I started my day by ironing Nathan's dress pants, blue shirt and gold tie (Bronc colors) so he could dress up for game day. He is on the Varsity team, and they dress up on game day. Kids played all day (inside and out) and I cleaned all day, having them help me with cleaning projects here and there.

Oh, and my Premium Starter Kit from Young Living came today! Yes, the same kit I promote here and in our classes. I really do think it's a great deal and have been wanting another one for awhile and they are finally back in stock for members! Yay! I got the Bamboo diffuser this time to compare to the Home Diffuser. Love! I set it up right away and diffused Frankincense all afternoon.

Selfies at the game while waiting for Nathan to go in. 
It was cold! We are all snuggling under Jordan's soccer blanket that I borrowed for the game.

If you look closely, you can see where Bo cut his hair and I still haven't fixed it yet! I found a chunk of hair in the upstairs sink the night before and wondered who it was from! 

My boys play soccer year round, but Spring Soccer is the busiest season in our lives. 

Real life homeschool confessions for today...

Since I'm lacking in photos (not even one of the house all clean, boo!), I'll share a video that my son took of me without me knowing. It's a small glimpse of the real life that happens here, including me {totally} distracted on my iPhone texting and a glimpse of my messy kitchen!

In the video, Dylan is asking me what time dinner is, how long dinner will take, where's Pop... and he's videoing me because he KNOWS I'm distracted, lol. But I did not know he was videoing until after he showed me the video later. It's comical, because he asks me a question and it takes me forever to reply.

Video courtesy of my 14 year old son

I had spent the afternoon out at my friend Jenny's house and had lots to catch up on - on my phone AND in the house.  I had started dinner and had a few texts to reply to. A homeschool mom/blogging friend sent me a pic of her Math U See manipulatives with the text "Homeschool nerdery :)" Hehe! So in the middle, I ask him if there is a nerdy icon on my phone to reply with. {Why isn't there one?!}

I don't think he grated the cheese for me.

Thanks for letting me share! Only one more post to torture my poor readers with and I don't think I shall do a "day in the life" for a LONG time. 


  1. This is great!! I love you and that you posted this!! It's such a good picture of all of us at times. ; )
    Keeping it real is so good for all of us!

  2. Thank you for posting this. I loved seeing that I'm not the only homeschooling mom that this happens too lol. I may not comment a lot on your blog, but I love every post. Thanks so much for all your ideas.

  3. The fermented veggies sound good. I really enjoy your posts.
    Blessings, Dawn

  4. I have enjoyed your daily life series. I love that you keep it so real. Some blogs look like the mom is just perfect at everything, then I feel like I am a failure at everything! I think we may try the bigger hearts curriculum next year. My girls have loved seeing what your daughter has been studying. Thanks for sharing your family life with us.

  5. Love it. Thanks for sharing, Michelle. <3

    ~Jessica G.

  6. It's great seeing I'm not the only one! haha! Great post. Not so sure on those fermented veggies though :/