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Learning Moments {Week 3}

In Bigger Hearts for His Glory Unit 3, we learned about bold explorers in American History, like John Smith and Henry Hudson. 

Everything all ready to go. 

Line drawing a tree for Art - she had to draw a tree with one continuous line without looking. 

Malachi thought that sounded like fun, so he did one too (on the left) and she drew another tree (not happy with her first one).

Looking up the definition of the word "bold." 

Talking about Proverbs 16:2-3 and how our character trait "boldness" relates. I ♥ knowing that the intentions of my heart are weighed by the Lord (and the Lord alone). 


Looking at samples of lichen (algae + fungus).


Vocabulary notebooking

Memorizing Proverbs 16:2-3. She is writing the first letter of each word as a clue to help her.

Doing the Bonus Question in her head! :) 

She finished Math Lessons for a Living Education (MLLE) Lesson 5 this week. 

History Notebooking

Timeline (Oops, we were supposed to put John Smith in the 1550 column on the next page).

We got behind this week and had a big science and hands-on History catch up day on Friday.

History Activity 

Learning the part of a river (source, mouth, riverbed, riverbank) and what a bay is. She made a river through cornmeal noticing the path it makes. She asked to save the cornmeal so she could play in it with her Squinkies. :)

Science Exploration ~ What causes a seashore to weather over time?




Experiment Log

Science Notebooking

Down by the Sea

Life in a Shower

She also did a Science Exploration activity to discover "What happens to seawater when the sun shines on it?"

Since we are not able to do the actual "one small square" activities from the book, I pulled up pictures of our time visiting the tide pools on the Oregon beach.

We finished Unit 4 this week, and I took a few more pictures of what else is going on in our homeschool and life these days to share next week for the Real Life Homeschool blog hop. If you are following along with my Bigger posts, next week's post will be spread out into three days to give you a picture of what else is going on around school. :)