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Oh, how do we love all the colors in the Thin Stix Creativity Pack from The Pencil Grip, Inc. We have been using them for just about anything we can think of - even our fall nature studies.

The Thin Stix Creativity Pack has 12 Classic colors, 6 Neon colors, and 6 Metalix colors - a whole rainbow of colors and then some. They are very bright and vivid, too. We had fun being creative with these solid tempera paint sticks that look and feel like paint and are mess free. They paint like a soft silky crayon that goes on richly and smoothly, does not smear when dry, no water is needed to "paint," and they clean up easily. 

We took them on a nature walk to do our seasonal tree study. This year, we chose a beautiful crab apple tree in one of our favorite parks. 

I painted, too. It was such a beautiful, sunny fall day. I enjoyed my time at the park and didn't want to leave. 

I painted leaves with a creamy golden color (the metallic gold) and made leaf prints on plain white paper. I had to color thick and press my leaf quickly because the paint dries fast - in 90 seconds or less, but I got a few good prints. Bo discovered that you can use the Thin Stix as glue to glue leaves right into his journal, so I glued one or two on my paper and made a collage with leaves and leaf prints. 

Eliana's painting of the tree was bright and colorful with vibrant fall colors. 

Here's Bo's drawing:

When I looked at the tree, I mostly saw the bare branches and shiny, red crab apples, so I like the bright yellow leaves on the tips of his branches, and that they stood out to him.  

We also did bark rubbings which was really neat to do with the Thin Stix - so much easier than with crayons. The smooth, silky tempera paint glided easily over the paper on the bark.

Since they dry so fast, the colors don't blend, but you can layer them for unique effects.

Eliana, 10, says:

"I liked the Thin Stix because they are really easy to grab and color. I really enjoy using them on anything I need to color on, such as cardboard, paper, wood, and more. I like that I had a lot more colors to work with. I used them for lots of things, like we went on a nature walk, colored a crabapple tree, and did bark rubbings. Also, I did leaf rubbings. And, we had friends over and colored pictures and rocks.

Here are some of our pictures:

Can you see the painted rocks in the picture? The kids painted a bunch, and I put them in potted plants to display them. 

What Bo, 6, had to say:

"I love them. I like to draw with them and paint rocks. They're really fun to play with. I liked painting with them because they are easy to paint with and they don't make a mess. I liked all the colors, especially all the blues, reds, and oranges."

Indeed, we all loved the variety of colors - it sparked creativity and interest in the Thin Stix, and the kids have been using them several times a week. I think the Thin Stix are great for a mess-free paint experience, and the colors in the Creativity Pack are rich, vivid, and beautiful. 

The Thin Stix Creativity Pack is sure to inspire creativity in whoever uses them, so be sure to visit other Crew member's reviews by clicking below to see how they used these in their home school.  

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