Magic Stix — Washable markers that won't dry out!

This post, Magic Stix — Washable markers that won't dry out!, is a review written for The Pencil Grip and contains affiliate links. 

Magic Stix (washable markers that won't dry out!) are now available on Amazon in a 12pk and a 24pk, and I wanted to share a little review of them because I think these would be a great gift for your kids, your homeschool, and your peace of mind!  

Wait. Markers that won't dry out? I wonder if it's true? 

I tested these out with Eliana, 10, who drew her two super hero brothers. 

While she drew with the markers, I tested out each color and... well, we couldn't leave the caps off! 

The colors are pretty. They're bold, bright, and colorful. It's really a fantastic set of bullet tip markers. Malachi, 12, says he would love to see them come out with a fine tip set. 

The colors bled through the paper a little, but they are not too wet — the color doesn't bleed out, run, or drip. They are easy to color with — the color fills in easily, nicely, and vividly without a lot of effort. They are smooth and nice to color with. 

I love coloring and lettering with a rainbow of colors, but the hard part about using a rainbow of colored markers is putting the caps on after each use — and that is what I was doing with these until I got tired of it and decided to leave them all off.  

It's lovely! It's so much easier to be creative when you don't have to worry about the caps — at least while we are drawing. . . but for 7 days?

We're doing the 7 day #MagicStixCapTest to find out!

To do the test, we picked a color we were willing to sacrifice, lol! We picked a dark green since there were three other greens. It was really a hard decision, though. 

But, then I thought about the guarantee, and I'm pretty sure they've tested these markers for longer than that to see how long they take to dry out. We really like these markers, so we don't want to find out how long that takes, but we'll leave the caps off while we color — that's for sure! 

Magic Stix washable markers are vibrant, washable, odorless, non-toxic, bright, bold, colorful, and will not dry out with the cap off for seven days - guaranteed! 

Find Magic Stix, washable markers that won't dry out for 7 days, at Amazon in a 12pk and 24pk.

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Disclosure: I received this product as a gift for blogging about it. My opinions are my own or that of my family.