Malachi {15}

"My life at !5 (well, almost).

First, a quick history:
Last winter, we flipped my world upside down and moved to Baker City Oregon.

In the summer, my team (France) won the first YMCA adult soccer tournament.

From August through the beginning of October, my team won my last youth soccer league.

In November, I wrote a novel about genetically modified humans on Currently, I am having it edited.

Now my interests:
For my current novel, I have been studying strange or exotic creatures. I am currently studying Civets, Genets, and Wolverines.

I play chess every day, whether online or with Bo. Online, I am expanding my borders to four-player chess, and making up new variations for that.

I have been trying to wake up early to write…

Elli recently got a jaw harp and prompted the rest of us to find another pocket instrument to play (I’m going to buy a duck call.).

I am interested in the creation of new languages.

Animal and Human Psychology.

Leadership and coaching.

I am currently learning French.

Anything where I can learn what I don’t already know." ~Malachi