Africa Week 6: Next Stop . . .Kenya

Our next stop is our last stop in Africa! Here is what we did today.
Colored the flag of Kenya Read Fascinating Facts
Did a language activity and learned some everyday expressions such as: jambo - hello kwa heri - goodbye tafadhali - please asante - thank you mama - mother baba - father Ni - I u (we we) - you watoto - children
We also learned numbers 1-10 (moja, mbili,tatu, nne, tano, sita, saba, nane, tisa, kumi), colors and days of the week.
Did a Safari Hunt activity to find animals they would see on a safari hunt through Kenya.
Went on a virtual Safari in Kenya.
Corn is a main staple in Kenya, so we made parched corn from dried organic corn that we soaked, cooked and then fried in oil.  
It made a yummy, salty snack!
We are stamping our passports, leaving Africa and heading to our last continent in our trip around the world - Antarctica!


  1. The corn looks yummy! Your "travels" involve such yummy food ideas.

  2. looks like fun - bookmarking this for later! :)