Africa Week 5: Arriving in Egypt

Here is what we have been doing in Egypt:
Colored the flag of egypt and made a flag of Egypt mini book and Eqypt Shutterfold Map.
Did a Pyramid Word Search.
Read Fascinating facts.
Learned what a shadoof is  - an ancient tool that Egyptians used to irrigate their farms.  Read about the importance of the Nile River to Egypt for irrigation, transportation and food. Read about the:
Read that papyrus was the earliest forms of paper and that Egyptians used the papyrus reed that grew along the banks of the Nile to make paper.  So we googled images of papyrus, researched how to make paper and watched a short video about how Papyrus is made.
Did a language activity - we made our own "hieroglyphics" in edible play dough by making symbols for letters and writing a message then saw if others could read it.
Nathan wrote his name: Needle, apple, trei (his friend), haystack, apple, needle. 
Made an Egyptian recipe: Honeyed Carrots
Cooked carrots are one veggie that Dylan will actually eat and like.  Beings the he likes sweet things too, I thought this would be worth a try.
We made Honeyed Carrots by steaming sliced carrots until tender. We then cooked 2/3 c. honey, 4 T oil (I used butter), 2 t. lemon juice until it bubbled. Then added the carrots, cooking until they were covered with the glaze. Nevertheless, Dylan did not like them. I shouldn't be surprised because he asked me to order a big bag of frozen green beans because he loves his Grandpa's canned green beans. However, he did not like them.  (I wonder if it is because I did not add salt to the water or cook them long enough?)
This week we will be in Kenya - our last country in Africa!