Spring in My Step

I love when spring peeks it's head around the corner and brings with it sun-shiny days. It puts a new spring in my step!

I uncovered the strawberries and found some still covered in ice. I had a pretty thick layer of hay over them to insulate them over the winter, but they need some sun! I spread the hay over some muddy spots in the back yard until I can spread some new grass seed and assemble my garden boxes. I think this will be a great solution to my "It's too muddy outside" rut that I am in. I also latched the back and front gates so I won't worry about little ones getting out.

Jordan raked the front lawn and it is ready to be reseeded. I have some flower beds out there that will need some attention. I am thinking about planting lettuce. Yes, lettuce.  I love to landscape garden wherever possible. But, I also thought some nasturtium would be pretty too (and edible). :-) I am excited that spring is almost here! 

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