Back-to-School {Our Week in Photos}

Dylan is the first up and already working on his school.

Please note that I drink DECAF! 

With a little raw sugar and organic half-n-half. 

Dylan reading How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World to Mali and Elli while I make breakfast.

Breakfast ~ Malt-o-Meal {per request!}

Bible with Jordan (and a cuppa). 

Dylan working on Chemistry.

Naptime for Boaz (10-12).

Jordan working on Life of Fred ~ Beginning Algebra.

All About Spelling ~ the subject that makes me feel most like a real teacher. :)

Roman Lunch ~ fresh fruit, meats, cheeses and crackers (bread). 

Soccer cleats?

Eat and run ~ the boys play Noon Ball at the Y on M,W & F. 

Do I ever sit to eat?

Reading with Bo after his nap. 

Nathan working on My Father's World History.

Sweet Bo wanting Mama.

Experiment 1.1 Atoms and Molecules 

Jordan writing up his lab report for Physical Science.

Setting up Rosetta Stone Spanish

Taking Jordan to Cross Country practice.

Malachi tagged along with the boys' history this week.

School in Ancient Rome ~ coloring by Dylan.

Roman numerals and paragraph on founding of Rome ~ Nathan.

Hmmm, have we been here before? (SL Book of Time meets MFW timeline)

Bo making his rounds.

Properties of Atoms and Molecules

Fire Extinguisher in a Jar Experiment

World Puzzle

WiiCess and then off to the park to play soccer.

Roman Fast Food :)

Greek Gyros

 Sentences for Latin roots.

Checking the boys out at the end of the week.

We started our row of How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World ~ more on that next week.

Jordan had his 1st Cross Country meet on Friday ~
He took 5th out of 106 JV boys!

Read-aloud with Pop before bed.

Snuggle bugs. :)

(I was going to do a black and white photo essay, but I was having a hard time pulling it together, so thus the random shots of our week in progression from morning to night, but on different days!)

On day 1, we moved quickly from subject to subject while Bo was sleeping so we had a pile of books to put away at the end of the day. Day 2 was similar. By day 3, I was thinking, "We can do this." By day 4, I was thinking, "This is too easy." *lol* Day 5 was a breeze. The boys did their independent work, we had our parent meeting and I checked the boys out. 

Looking back, I realized that all three boys' Science (atoms and molecules) and History (Ancient Rome) tied together.  Love how that worked out. 

It was a great week. :) And I am hopeful that I can jump back in with two feet and include our Five in a Row lessons!  Today, we are getting things caught up around the house and then I hope to sit down this evening and plan for our week (and next few rows!). 

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