What I Love About You ~ 8 Months

I love:
  • all the new milestones you have hit this past month ~ crawling, pulling your self up, walking along furniture, climbing the stairs, feeding yourself. . . you are growing so fast! 

  • breakfast with you. . . 

1 egg yolk for you, 1 egg and egg white for me. 

  • that you are developing your fine motor skills by all the things you pick up and put in your mouth ~ I figured if you could pick up and put a tiny piece of paper in your mouth, you could feed yourself. I was right. ;-)

  • regular nap time and you sleeping so sweetly ~ you are sleeping 2 to 2 1/2 hours in the morning, usually between 9:30-12:30, usually 10-12, but sometimes 10-11:30. Now that school has started, you are sleeping longer (less noise to wake you up!). You also take an hour long nap from 4-5. 

  • busy little feet resting. :)

  • lunch with you. . . 

Sweet potatoes, butter and cream.


Bo-nanas {usually mashed with plain yogurt}

Whole organic milk in a cup

Fried zucchini for mommy, pureed zucchini  for Bo

  • you pushing the little red chair around the dining room and kitchen. 

  • your new clothes for fall. It will start cooling down here very soon.

Bo, you are such a joy to me! I love you at each and every stage and fall in love with you more and more  every day. Some days {and nights} are challenging. . . when Pop went to the property for 10 days and I was home alone with you, Mali and Elli, it was hard. Often times I had to let you cry so that I could make sure Elli was safe (she likes to wander outside) while I was trying to get you to nap. . . and lo and behold, you learned to put yourself to sleep! I start our nap routine by nursing you, singing you a song (y'ladim shelo), then telling you "night-night," laying you down with Lovie, giving you your plug, and saying, "night-night, Bo, love you" and then tip-toeing out of the room. Often you will go right to sleep. Sometimes you will cry a little, and I would go check on your brother and sister, then come back, pick you up, rock you in my arms for a minute, then repeat the process until you go to sleep on your own. Sometimes you fall asleep in my arms right away (depending on how tired you are). But, now you are much easier to get down for a nap! 

You are sleeping in your crib until I come to bed, and now even a little more (depending on what time I go to bed!) but then you are sleeping with me. You don't sleep through the night yet - we are still working on techniques from the No Cry Sleep Solution. The one that works the best is letting you nurse a little and then pulling away. Sometimes you cry and I repeat the process, but sometimes you roll over and go back to sleep! {I have always been terrible at getting my babies to sleep unless I let them cry it out and that is too hard for me to do again}. 

I know I will not always be up at night nursing you (smile), so I will cherish these moments and try to get to bed on time so I am not grumpy when you wake me up. 

Now that you are so mobile, I have to keep gates up ~ the living room and dining room are baby safe and free for you to explore, but oh, how you love to explore new spaces! And you have the funniest thing about open doors ~ you love to close them. You love to open and close things, too.

I had so much fun shopping for new toys for you this month, as well, and you made an appearance on my homeschool blog. I shared all your learning toys and spaces. :)