Sticky Notes, Page Protectors, Vis-a-Vis and Back to {Home} School

I pulled our books for Week 1, gave them each a sticky note, and wrote the pages scheduled in MFW's teacher's manual. This is an old habit from our Sonlight days - SL IG's are not exactly portable, lol. Every Sunday night, I would spend an hour or so preparing for the week and kept an ample supply of sticky notes on hand for just this. They made our week go much smoother. Then stacks of books would follow us around the house and I would simply cross off the reading assignment on the sticky note and check off the boxes from the IG at the end of the day! 

I cut off the edge of a page protector and slid it into MFW's teacher's manual, then with my Vis-a-vis pen (wet erase marker) I checked the books off as I pulled them. Then I erased and circled all the notes that I needed to read for this week.

I also made a new lesson planning sheet for the middle boys - one that they will fill out as we go. I added a spot to check off MFW and even added a parent meeting spot on Friday. The parent meeting is scheduled in Jordan's curriculum, but I thought it was a great idea and added it to the middle boys' schedule. I didn't think I would need a separate lesson plan, but I do because there is not enough room to write in assignments for math, reading, writing and science or any extra subjects. I also added a spot for chores. The boys will be responsible for writing down what they did and I will be checking it weekly (daily at first to make sure they are doing all their subjects). They know what to do for each subject - usually one lesson or chapter per day.

I'm not entirely sure I am ready! The house is not as clean as I would like it to be. Luke and the middle boys just got home from a 10 day trip to the property (aka the homestead in Montana) and stuff is everywhere ~ laundry, camping supplies, coolers, groceries from Costco that need put away and I am too tired to do any of it!

I had high aspirations of doing a day-in-the-life on our first day, but would you mind if I waited a couple days to get the house back in order and get started on a new curriculum? (smile)

This week:

The boys brought back chokecherries from Montana, but they are going in the freezer for now ~ I can make syrup this winter. However, I have cucumbers that are ready for picking and will need to be pickled this week.  Tomatoes are still green so I have a week or 2 until they are ready (phew!).

Nathan and Dylan are coaching Itty-Bitty Soccer and that starts this week.

Jordan is on his second week of Cross Country. He had an awesome time at Cross Country Mountain Camp last week. He ran his first 8 mile run in 56 minutes. He is a natural runner - he has long legs and he's skinny. :) He has a great team and he feels good about running. I'm glad because it was my idea! (I was a runner in high school).

We will also be starting our row of How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World. This row will be different ~ I will share our plans soon!

Have a great week!