2011-2012 Plans {Not Back-to-School!}

Piles of new books, new school supplies, new adventures ~ I ♥ a new school year!

Curriculum has slowly been trickling in over the past month and I think it is all here! We are not back to school for another two weeks, so I have some time to wrap my brain around a new curriculum.

Because this year, I did something I haven't done since my first year of homeschooling ~ I ordered a boxed curriculum! I am so excited that we will be using My Father's World this year.

So many things just fit with what we have already done and both levels pick up right where we left off in History. . . except that now I don't have to do the planning. I needed this.


Jordan is in 10th grade this year and will be using My Father's World World History and Literature High School Package.  I made a few changes to the Bible and Literature portion - I took most of the Bible supplements out and added Hero TalesHoly Cow! Does God Care about What We Eat?, Created For Work, Boyhood and Beyond and Practical Happiness.  This year, he will be covering World History {Rome to Present} and Church History and will read through the entire New Testament.  (I replaced most of the Church History books, too.) He'll be reading some classics, studying British Literature, and more. He'll also be participating in an awesome service project. I am so excited for him!
"World History and Literature lesson plans are written to the student for parent-guided independent work. On Fridays, the student and parent have a conference to discuss the week's topics and review completed work. There are 36 weeks of lessons, five days a week, with a somewhat lighter schedule on most Fridays."
I am so excited for me! and Friday is our "prep day" to prepare for the Sabbath, so this works wonderfully for our family.

Jordan will also take a one semester course on Communication and Interpersonal Relationships, a one semester course on Introduction to Logic and a full year of Spanish with Rosetta Stone Spanish!

Jordan will continue with Apologia Science, Life of Fred Math, Writing Strands (when the English portion relies on a book that we have ditched), Language Lessons for the High School Student, and All About Spelling. You can see Jordan's High School Road Map to see more of my high school plans for him. {I can't believe we only have 3 years left before I graduate my first student!}

Nathan and Dylan

Nathan and Dylan are in 7th and 6th grade this year and will be using My Father's World Rome to the Reformation.  My two learners will:
"Travel back to the time of the Romans and learn how they set the stage by their Pax Romana for the central event of all history -- the birth of Jesus [Yeshua]. Follow the development of the church and study the Middle Ages, culminating with the Renaissance and Reformation."
They will do some hands on projects, study latin roots, and learn about a few famous composers as well.

For Science, Nathan will do Apologia General Science, and Dylan will do R.E.A.L Science Odyssey: Chemistry 1st semester and Apologia Astronomy 2nd semester.

They will also continue on with Critical ThinkingLife of Fred, Language Lessons, Writing Traits, Writing StrandsAll About Spelling, and Christian Light Reading.

Malachi and Eliana

Malachi and Eliana are in 1st grade and preschool this year. We are already 8 weeks into our new curriculum ~ we are rowing Five in a Row Volumes 1 and 2 this year {and loving it!}. I share more here: 4K and 1st Grade 2011-2012 Curriculum.


Boaz is my 7 month old and he is entering the exploration stage of babyhood. :) He is crawling, pulling himself up, walking along furniture and getting into anything he can reach. I'm still putting together his "curriculum." Would you like me to share when I do?

I'm participating in the Not Back-to-School Blog Hop at Heart of the Matter. I hope to share our "school room" next week!