Our Homeschool Home | August 2011

We are not back to school for 1 more week, so the count down begins! For now, I have a little tour of our learning areas to share with you. 

I'll start in the dining room, circle through the downstairs and I'll mostly let the photos tell the story. 

Dining Room

Bo's Shelves
See my page On Bo's Shelves to see what he is playing with this school year. 

Beyond the baby gate is my kitchen, where, in addition to cooking projects and our Five in a Row recipe, we also do most science experiments. 

Baby Board Books

This shelf houses All About Spelling supplies, some school supplies, Thinking Putty, manipulatives, games,
plastic trays, etc. I also have supplies for an upcoming row. 

The doors are closed when baby is napping or when learners need quiet study in the living room. 
Go through the kitchen, pass the bathroom, and then enter my office. 


This is where you can find me when I am blogging, photo editing, lesson planning, lapbooking, working on Project Life, sewing, or doing school. I like the versatility of the table ~ I can project on it without worrying about ruining it and it cleans up nicely with a multi-purpose eraser

I added a desk lamp and the paper rack from my other desk to organize a bit.

Five in a Row, Readers, Quilted Rag Letters/Numbers, Scrapbooks live on this bookshelf. 

School Closet

You can see the before pic - I pulled everything out and laid it on the living room floor and only put back what I wanted to keep. I packed up three boxes of books to get rid of. Sadly, when I cleaned out the dining room, it did not stay clean. It is a catch-all!

I keep my computer here most of the times these days. I will often do school at the table. 

Living Room

A study area in the living room.

The boys prefer the couch or the table. 

More space for Bo (anything he can reach in the rooms I've shared is his space, lol). 

Looks a little more lived in now, doesn't it? :) 
The kids are watching Baby Signing Time.The walker goes under the table when not in use. The pack-n-play moves around and is mostly for a safe spot to put Bo if I do not have eyes on him (he doesn't like to be in it).

And that brings us full circle back to the dining room.

Tour brought to you by moi, Meechelle.

This is me ~ as real as it gets: dressed to my shoes, but ha! I had not even combed my hair yet. The day that I took this, I had it pulled back in a pony tail, but the elastic broke at some point!


  1. I know this is an old post but I just found it on pinterest. I love all of your learning spaces throughout your home. Thanks for sharing it with us!

    1. Thank you, Janelle. :) I'm due for an update as it has changed quite a bit since I did this post. We are still mostly at the dining room table though. :)

  2. Where did you get that black book and pencil organizer box on your desk?!?

    1. It is called The Desk Apprentice and I ordered it online at Staples. It looks like it might have been discontinued, sorry.

    2. That sounds like some sort of mystery novel. Lol

    3. haha! Sometimes my organization feels like a mystery novel. :-)