At the Farm {On Bo's Shelves}

I thought it would be fun to tie in Bo's shelves with our upcoming row of How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World. Since we will travel the world for fresh foods, I thought "At the Farm" would be a fun theme for Boaz (who is almost 8 months now). 

Laugh and Learn Piggy Bank

Elli's egg gathering bag filled with balls

Books and Stuffed Duck

Photo Blocks with Montessori Farm Printables

The shelves are to offer Bo a variety of learning toys and to get us all involved in playing with him, exploring new concepts and sharing new vocabulary with him. Mali and Elli can do the puzzles for him and tell him the animal sounds. Elli loves stringing the farm animals for him (and he loves pulling them down off the shelf, lol). We can all read books to him, talk about the animals and tell him what the pictures on the blocks are. I take him with me to check on the chickens and he is always very excited to see them. While I feed them, I talk to him about what I am doing and mimic the sounds they make.  It would be fun to visit a real farm!