On Bo's Shelves

{I originally published this as a page, but I thought it would be easier to create a label for Bo's Shelves and update in a post as he grows.}

Boaz is 7 1/2 months and into exploring everything. He is crawling, pulling himself up, walking along furniture and into anything he can reach. All the lower shelves in our school area are now his. :)

His learning toys are geared towards ages 6-36 months so they will grow with him and include:

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I discovered both of these through Carisa at 1+1+1=1, except that I got Bo the tool bag instead of the purse.  Geared towards ages 6-36 months, these are already a hit with my 4 year old. She especially likes to play with the piggy bank.

When I took these, Bo kept closing it and opening it to see the tool inside.

  • Fill and Spill Balls (inspired by Sassy Fill and Spill Barrel) I just used a dollar store container and some ball pit balls for him to "fill and spill." (He is just dumping them out at this age, lol)
  • Shape Sorter (I don't remember the name)
  • Pound & Play Fun Drum

Kitchen basket includes anything from the kitchen that is baby safe, such as:
  • canning rings
  • silicone muffin cups
  • funnels
  • stainless steel bottles
  • plastic bowls and lids

In the living room:

Photo Stacking Blocks ~ I have acrylic photo frames on our fridge and Bo loves to look at them. It's so cute - he giggles when he sees them and then knocks them all off the fridge. So I thought he would like a set of photo stacking blocks.  I was right! I've only given him one, but it is a hit. 

Wee Wedgits {link to my review} I have these put away for now, but will bring them out again.

Not pictured: I have hankies in a tissue box for him to pull out, homemade quilted rag letters for him to feel (I keep them on a shelf he can reach).

I plan to put half of these toys away and rotate them. Bo is a busy boy. He moves quickly from one thing to the next and makes his "rounds." He pulls everything off the shelves, dumps over the baskets, and chews on his toys.  It keeps him happy for a good amount of time and we are all much happier when he is free to explore.

Board Books:

*I think these would be my favorites if I had to pick. Bo's favorites are Do You Know New?, Who Do You Love? and Big Red Barn.  I have some bigger board books, but will wait to pull them out. 

We sign with Bo whenever we can. So far, we are using milk, drink, juice, eat, apple, banana, carrot, favorite, all done, more, love you, diaper (when I change him) and I am finger signing his name (Bo). 

Wanna see my "great idea" that was a flop?

The "baby ball pit:"

Baby pool and ball pit balls.
He wanted nothing to do with it. One ball keeps him happy - he will push it around the room and chase it, but this many overwhelmed him.

I'll update this if any other toys are a flop. :) {I'll still do this for any toys in this post, but will add new learning toys to a post}