Joseph {a Grapevine Studies Review}

I love the story of Joseph. It is not just a Bible story. It is prophetic and it is moving. And Grapevine Studies has an all-new study on Joseph.

During our first study of Joseph, we "stick figured" with Grapevine's Old Testament Overview, so when I received Joseph for review, I was curious to see how much more in-depth it was and I wasn't disappointed. This is a very thorough study!

From Grapevine:
Walk with Joseph as he goes from a prince in Canaan to slavery in Egypt and then to the courts of Pharaoh. Your students will enjoy this engaging Bible study! Take your students on a journey with Joseph as he travels from the tents of Jacob to the house of Potiphar and eventually to the courts of Pharaoh. Watch to see how Joseph reacts to his slavery and false accusations.

See how God used difficult circumstances in Josephs life to prepare him to save thousands of people, including those who mistreated him. Josephs story is one of betrayal, forgiveness, and restoration. Introduce your students to Joseph today!

Multi-Level Student-eBook $11.95 {currently on sale for $9.95}
Multi-Level Teacher-eBook $16.95 {currently on sale for $14.95}
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Through the use of Bible timelines and easy-to-follow lessons, students get a colorful and memorable view of Joseph's life through the use of stick figures.


Lesson 1

I love the new format! The lessons are very teacher/student friendly. The drawings tie in nicely with the Scriptures and are fun and easy to do, but also do the important job of helping them remember the details of the lessons. And I love that it gives us a colorful, visual record of our learning time together.

Grapevine is multi-sensorial, colorful, engaging, incorporates note-booking with Bible and is chronological. And drawing stick figures is a fun and easy way to learn important peoples and events in the Bible. Most of all, it is non-denominational and Biblically based. We ♥ Grapevine Studies!

Is there anything we don't like?

The only thing my boys don't like about Grapevine is writing out the Bible verses. The old version had lines but there was never enough room to write them out (and it encouraged poor writing habits having to write so small.) The new version does not have lines, but there is still not enough space to write them out. So, I have them recite the verses instead.

We will not be finishing this study at this time (we have a full plate this year!); however, I do plan to save it to include with our Torah studies or when we revisit Biblical History.

Read my review of Old Testament Overview and Biblical Feasts and Holy Days, and Resurrection Study to see more of how we have used Grapevine in our home!

Disclosure: I received these ebooks for free from Grapevine Studies in exchange for an honest review.