What I Love About You {9 months}

Boaz, I love. . . 

  • your bear crawl

September 15th

  • how adventurous and curious you are

  • how busy and ACTIVE you are

  • how much you remind me of Jordan when he was a baby and what that does to me (where does time go?)

  • how you love to climb up the stairs and are getting really fast at it (you know, when the gate is down and no one notices but YOU!)

  • how you push the little red chair around using it like a walker

  • how "talkative" you are (you speak jibberish ~ a cute jibberish) 

  • how you hold my finger while you practice walking

  • the big smile on your face while you practice ~ you know you are such a big boy!

  • how you point to things that you want to see closer 

  • your "giddy up" ~ when you want to go and someone is holding you, you kick your legs against the person, just like you would a horse to make it go, except you use your arms and your legs 

  • your busy hands while nursing ~ they have to be grabbing, holding or pulling something like my arm or your hair. Once I discovered this, I started giving you something to grasp or play with 

  • your long naps during the day (makes up for the wakings at night)

  • how you sleep on your belly with your bottom in the air

  • how you move around while you sleep 

  • that you no longer will take a pacifier (at all) ~ you gave it up about a month ago and refuse to take it ~ in fact you will grab it and throw it 

  • watching you chase your ball around the room ~ throwing it and then crawling after it

  • YOU! 

The boys beckoned me this morning, saying "You have to come see this!" And THIS is what I found: 

They had rigged up the Cozy Coupe with pillows, a blanket and a "seat belt" for you.

They were pushing you up and down the sidewalk and you were loving every minute of it! ( it was 90 degrees, so it was warm enough for no clothes). It has been cool here though - 65 one day, 85 the next. But today it was hot.

I snapped this one just a bit ago.  You are such a happy boy! and such a fun baby. =)

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  1. I truly love this last picture so so cute love his baby fat!!