Sweet Slumber, Where ARE You?

Sleep. I'm not getting any! Bo is cutting two teeth - two laterals on top (no central incisors yet). I'm to the point where I am letting him cry it out a little during the day - it never takes long - only a minute or two and then he puts himself to sleep. But NOT at night! Oh, help me! What do I do? During the day, when he cries, he is getting himself into a comfy position and cries a bit, then whimpers, then cries a bit and whimpers . . . and then falls asleep. But at night, he is standing up in the crib and crying. So I put him to bed with me, he nurses a bit and then I roll over, he rolls over and we both go back to sleep.

Last night, at about 2 am, he crawled to the bottom of the bed, wide awake, to play with the light switch.

Of course, he hasn't slept through the night once - teething or not.

I'm just not coping well with life. I'm tired. I'm emotional. And I don't know what to do. I don't know if my heart can bear to make him cry it out all night. Nor if I should. I may go get the No Cry Sleep Solution from the library when my boys get home and read it again.

This is nothing new, really. I've kind of been in survival mode this whole year {with a few respites}. I'm feeling a respite is very near. . . just. can't. touch. it.  It's so close, though! And oh, the joy my little man brings me {and the long naps during the day!} so make up for it!

Just need a little more sleep!


  1. My heart feels for you! Our youngest daughter didn't sleep more than three hours at one time until after she reached age three. I will definitely be praying for you and for Bo. It's hard to function with so little sleep and with your older ones becoming more active too, I know that you really need your sleep!
    I never read the no-cry sleep solution---I'm thinking that it may have come out after my youngest were already preschoolers. If you have had success with it in the past though, it might be worth a re-read. I don't imagine that it can hurt anything anyway. ;-)

  2. The same thing is going on over here . . . and Maureen (from Spell Out Loud) too is having major sleep issues. Omi has been cutting teeth and I think has only slept through the night 5 nights in a row. I have let her cry it out . . . when I know there isn't a tooth or cold involved . . . but other nights I know she has pooped or blah blah blah. Another book suggestion is Happy Child, Healthy Sleep Habits . . . it saved me (besides Jesus) with Ezra, and Gabe. I need to re-read it with Naomi. I'll be praying for you when I'm up tonight! THanks for your honesty . . . It was refreshing to know that I'm not alone. (Not that that helps you . . but there are others of us up too . . . imagine if we all begin praying boldly at night in the middle of the night.)

  3. Michelle, I know how you feel, truly. I do not have a baby right now who is up quite as often as Bo, but I do remember it all too well with Jesse. And, my Jack and Joe are both up off and on at night the last several months. Joe, with bad dreams, and Jack just has sleep 'issues' for some reason. It is SO hard, especially when I stay up way too late anyway just trying to catch up or have time alone with Jamie.

    I can totally relate and feel myself like I function in survival mode each day and have for about two years now. I do see a light at the end of the tunnel from time to time which helps tremendously with my focus and emotions, but so many days are so hard and I fall short in so many ways of remembering to have the right perspective.

    Just remember to count your blessings in your mind constantly throughout each day--this is what I do and it does help.

    Prayers and hugs from my heart to yours. I know you will get through this :-), and I know you will make memories to last a life time a long the way with your family!

  4. Oh Michelle, I so understand!! That desire
    For sleep but also to not use crying it out as the way to get it. I hope the no cry sleep solution helps again!! Praying for you!
    luv Donna