Day in the Life: Thursday - No School!

Today is a holiday - a holy day - the last day of the Feast of Tabernacles - a rest day, so NO SCHOOL!

Mr. Gibson is home for the day (he actually has the next 3 days off). We started the day by sleeping in! Then I made a big breakfast (biscuits and gravy with homemade turkey sausage). While waiting for breakfast, we had family worship - we listened and sang a new song several times so that we could learn it. Then we played the music on low during breakfast and talked about how Father is working in our lives. We challenged the older boys to make note of how Father is working throughout the week so we can share every Sabbath - if we are looking for His hand in our lives, we will see it! Every good and perfect thing comes from above, so we look for the good things that happen. . . and that includes lessons we learned.

I put dinner in the crock-pot (grilled chicken legs with hot wing sauce).

Then I bathed and dressed Boaz, nursed him and lay him down for his nap.

Then we had a family Bible study. We talked about the importance of keeping the Feasts, how Yeshua (Jesus) kept the Feasts, and the significance of the last great day (the 8th day) which symbolizes the marriage supper of the Lamb. The main point that we wanted to get across is that God's (YHVH's) desire to dwell/tabernacle among His people is found all throughout Scripture and one day He will return to tabernacle with His people forever!

Then we listened to an online teaching (an hour long audio on the Feast) and the kids colored a picture of a sukkah. Last year and the year before we made edible Sukkah's. =)

We don't set up a sukkah (tent/temporary dwelling) because we are not in the land (Feast of Tabernacles is one of the 3 annual pilgrimage Feasts), but Scripture likens our physical bodies to a physical sukkah - 2 cor 5:1 for example, so in a sense we are already in a temporary dwelling; however, we keep what we can keep of the Feast (keep the day holy - set apart to YHVH).  (This is our 6th year keeping the Feast and we learn more and more about our Savior each year!) We remember the feasts because they foreshadow things yet to come and we want to be a watchful, ready bride when our Savior returns!  Read our spiritual heritage to learn more about our faith and why we follow after our Hebrew roots!

We usually spend about 2-3 hours in Bible study, and then Luke reads to the boys. Then we go for a walk or hike, go to the park, go for a Sabbath drive, play a family game of bible trivia, talk, have a Sabbath treat, etc.  Sometimes we nap. On our weekly Sabbath (and weather permitting), Luke usually takes the kids to the park so I can have some quiet time. My days are so busy and full that I look forward to this time of quiet and rest!

Today, we are going for a walk/hike in the canyon - this is our annual fall tradition - the colors in the canyon are beautiful this time of year!

A trip down memory lane. . . our first home.

It is a tradition to drive by our first house
 whenever we are out in Tongue River Valley.
(We loved it, but sold it to get out of debt - mortgage and school loans.
We now have the same size house off-grid
plus 22 acres debt free ~ our Father is amazing!)

We met another homeschool family at the canyon and talked for an hour and a half and then hiked up to the bridge, took photos and played around.

Then we came home, had dinner and cleaned up.  By this time it was 8:30 and time for bed for the kids.

While I was getting Eliana ready for bed, she asked me to put hot curlers in her hair. She had already turned them on and they were hot, so I had her dress for bed and I put a few in. =)

Tomorrow is prep day and a light school day,  and my last "day in the life" post. =) 

Q&A - I share this and more in my comments here:

Q: Your prayer time...when you do it...what it "looks" you do a Bible study? Are you reading through the Bible????

A: I pray in the morning when I wake up (specifically that Father will order my day) and I talk to Father all day! - every chance I get! I get the most "help" from Him! I am reading though the Old Testament when I am upstairs nursing Bo before his nap or at night before bed (I can squeeze at least 2 chapters in while I nurse him on my bed). Downstairs, I am reading through the Aramaic English New Testament (the English part only!). If I am reading in the car (if I send one of the boys in the store), I read Psalms or Proverbs. Then we spend 2-3 hours in Bible study on Sabbath.

I sneak in Bible study as needed throughout the week - my favorite online resource is The Online Parallel Bible - I use this to look up verses, cross reference verses, look up words in Hebrew or Greek, etc. I do study regularly - it is hard to not study when you walk in Torah because your faith is a part of all you do, from what you eat to what you wear!