Malachi tonight. . .

Tonight at bedtime, Malachi sang a song ~ straight from his heart, and beautiful. When he finished, I told him that he just sang a psalm. He sang a prayer - so sweet, innocent and worshipful - in his 6 year old voice. I wish I could remember all that he prayed, but it was powerful (for such a little guy). He usually sings off-key as he can't carry a tune - but this sounded beautiful. :'-) He then told me that he knew what he wanted to be when he grows up - "a worshiper of YHVH." I told him his name means "messenger of YHVH" so one way he can be in service to YHVH is to be His messenger. Malachi then imagined all the ways he could be a messenger (teach others about Torah, etc.).

 I then read the book I intended to read him (wish it was the Bible now) but it was a book on weather and climate for our weather unit this week. Well, after I finished reading, he asked me if we are supposed to die for people... I told him that Yeshua said that there is no greater love than a man who lays down his life for another. So, then he told me that when he wants to grow up he wants to be a weather forecaster (he may have said reporter) - so that he could save people from bad storms. :)