Bo's Feeding Log

One of the suggestions in No Cry is to make sure baby is eating enough food during the day. This makes so much sense, but all too often, nursing is easier and quicker. So, I am going to log what Bo eats for one day and try to add in an extra feeding.

Bo's Feedings

7:00am nursed

8:20am 3oz oatmeal cereal with whole milk peach yogurt (YoBaby)

9:10am nursed

10:30am nursed, nap (10:30-12:50= 2 hour 2 min nap. I think he would have put himself back to sleep, but I got him up).

1:00 nursed

1:30 3oz oatmeal cereal with YoBaby peach yogurt

I forgot to fill the rest of this in, but I know I gave Bo homemade chicken and noodles for dinner. But I have made a more conscious effort to make sure I am feeding (offering) him more solids during the day. :)


  1. How did it go last night with Bo's sleeping?

  2. Praying you are blessed with rest, even if not much sleep. May you awaken refreshed and ready for the day that Yah has made =)

  3. Sleep. Such a beautiful thing. I don't know if this is it . . . but I have been loading Naomi up with good fats at night and when I do that plus protein--those are her best and longest nights. So typically that looks like coconut oil with chicken gelatin for protein and whatever the rest of her meal is. Also, I include her fermented cod liver oil (tonight she had an avacado) . . . Naomi's sleep has been getting better, but now she is biting. So bad that it broke the skin . . . I got thrush (cured with Thieves) . . . but she keeps biting me and I can't get her to stop. Any ideas? I have put her down and left the room like the lactation ladies told me to, but it isn't working.

  4. Oh my friend I remember those days... I hope all is doing well with his sleeps and yours!