Bo's Sleep Log

As I mentioned in my post yesterday, I wanted to give the No-Cry Sleep Solution another try (I read this book when Bo was a newborn and he is ready for some of the techniques for older babies now.)

My first assignment is to create sleep logs.

10/4-10/5 Boaz is 9 months old

Nap Log:

Time he fell asleep: 11:00am

How he fell asleep: Nursed for 20 minutes

Where baby fell asleep: In my arms, then I laid him down and he rolled over and went back to sleep

Where baby slept: In his crib

How long: 3 hours total naptime

Normally Boaz will take a late afternoon nap for 1 hour, but I kept him up to see if he would sleep better tonight.

Pre-bedtime Log:

Home from shopping at about 7:40 pm (moderate activity, bright lights).  I fed Bo some oatmeal cereal with apples, blueberries and yogurt.  I changed him and dressed him for bed and nursed him at 8:00 (calm, quiet, dim). He fell asleep in my arms, but woke up as I was laying him down. I let him cry (knowing he was just ASLEEP!) and he fell asleep on his own in a couple minutes.

Night-Waking Log:

Up at 10:15 pm (I am still up) He woke up crying (and standing in his crib) He went right back to sleep by nursing. 8:15-10:15 = 2 hour sleep stretch

It is 10:48 ~ I should be in bed by 11:00pm. (With Luke out of town, I let the boys stay up later than usual ~ they were in bed by 9:30, Mali and Elli by 8:30).

I am going to TRY to keep a night-waking log tonight. . . which means taking a pencil and paper to bed, keeping the night light on, and getting even LESS sleep! ha ha!


Here is what I managed to get:

Up at 11:20  ~ woke up crying, but put himself back to bed

Up at 11:35 ~ woke up crying, stood up in his crib wanting me {I was just coming to bed}. Nursed him in bed with me and he went back to sleep at 11:45. 10:15-11:35 = 1 hour 20 minute sleep stretch

Up at 12:15 ~ 12:30 ~ nursed back to sleep. 11:35-12:15 = 45 minute sleep stretch

Then I lost my pencil. But the rest of the night felt like this pattern. I know I was up at least 5 more times. Bo was distracted by me reaching for my notecard.  Then he was distracted by the alarm clock and would crawl towards it in the middle of the night. If I nursed him, he went back to sleep. Several times I was just too tired, so I rolled over. He cried for a minute and tossed and turned and then would get up! He'd crawl to the alarm clock or over me. I finally just nursed him back to sleep. I THINK I need to put his crib in the other room. I may just move it to Mali and Elli's room {update: crib has been moved!}.

We were both up at 7:45. He is usually up by 7am, but I must have nursed him back to sleep. I had no idea what time it was after he started crawling to the alarm clock - I covered it so he wouldn't see it.

I feel TIRED this morning.

Update: 10/5-10/6

7:45pm bedtime - crib

9:00pm up, nursed, rocked, back to crib = 1 hour 15 minute sleep stretch

11:00pm up, nursed, in bed with me = 2 hour sleep stretch

12:30am up, nursed, in bed with me = 1 1/2 ss

3:00am up, nursed, I think I put him in his crib this time = 2 1/2 hour sleep stretch (I actually woke up 1st, but felt like I actually slept )

5:30am up, nursed, in bed with me = 2 1/2 hour sleep stretch (this is where I think I missed a waking)

7:00am up for the day = 1 1/2 hour sleep stretch

Night-time wakings: 5 or 6

Total sleep time: 11 hours 15 minutes (not counting the amount of time he was awake to nurse)

Bo also took a 2 1/2 hour nap yesterday (10:30-1:00), so I think he is getting enough sleep. . . just not sleeping through the night. He is definitely ready for bed in the evenings because he is missing his late afternoon nap. . . so I am wondering how I could arrange his sleep schedule withOUT giving up his nap. (We both need that).

I'm not sure how well moving the crib worked, except that he may have gone back to sleep on his own without me knowing. I also kept the fan on in his room (like I do during his nap) and that may have helped too.

Now, I need to spend some time reading more in the book, apply the techniques and then do another sleep log in 10 days.

ETA: I forgot to mention HOW I marked his wakings the second night ~ I set my cell phone by my bed and called my Skype phone when he woke up! he he! All I had to do was hit send twice, then note the times on the call history the next morning. :)


  1. Aww, poor Michelle! I remember those nights all too well. Have you decided to move the crib? That's the one thing I have decided to do differently with this baby. Arin and Ella were both in my room until a year old, which meant I heard their every noise and tended to them so they wouldn't wake Andy. I have decided to move this baby out sooner, so that she will hopefully learn to self-soothe. I'm interested to hear if that helps your situation :)

  2. Oh, Michelle, I feel for you in a huge way.

    I definitely think moving the crib was a wonderful thing to do, even if it is a transition period at first for everyone involved. I do think it will pay off big for you and for Bo's sleep at night. I was very happy to read your update that it had been moved!

    Bless your heart. I bet you are so tired your eyes hurt today--I say that because my eyes ache most days from staying up way too late and then being up off and on with Joe and Jack.

    I hope tonight's sleep is better for both you and Bo. I hope he will cut those teeth soon and learn to sleep a little more sound at night for you.

    Praying for you, for rest and peace so you can feel your best.

    ((( Hugs ))), Michelle!

  3. Oh my word! You must be sooo tired! :-) I remember those days, but man I must be a mean momma! LOL I can't handle nights like that! I think (if I can remember - haha!) That at his age I USUALLY refused to nurse more often at night than every 3 I said, I guess I was a meanie. :p

    Hope your getting LOTS more rest this Shabbat!! :-) (Sweet dreams Bo!)