What I Love About You {10 Months}


I Love:

  • that your grin is no longer toothless - you are cutting 4 teeth on top (in addition to the 2 already on bottom)

  • how you like to open and close doors and turn things on and off (like the light-switch)

  • how you make a beeline for the front door when someone leaves it open - and how you try to shut it after you sneak out (I think you KNOW you are not to go outside alone - you are a smart boy!) 

  • playing peek-a-boo with you and how much you love it {as evidenced by your giggles and grins}

  • playing tickle bug with you. I say, "here comes the tickle bug!" You smile. I tickle you and you giggle. So fun. 

  • rubbing your back while nursing you (I don't love you pinching me, ouch!)

  • that you will let go of what you are holding on to and just stand there - you are learning to balance and will be walking soon. 

  • our naptime routine - reading my Bible to you while I nurse you and then laying you down for your nap (you don't like that part - you cry for a second and then roll over and go to sleep). 

  • what a good eater you are

  • that I introduced you to feeding yourself with a spoon for the first time. . . and as long as I filled it up for you, you put it in your mouth! 

  • you offering Sissy a bite

  • your sweet messy angel face

  • bathtime. . . you were staring to not like your bath (you don't like your hair being washed) so I let you play for a good amount of time and then wash your hair last. 

  • your wild hair! 

Poor baby fell down the stairs today and split his lip. :(

You can see the teeth he is cutting. 

I've been doing a Day in the Life series on my homeschool blog, so I have more pics of you on there. 

Here are just a few more from this past week. =) 

Playing with your "tools."

Standing at the gate to the kitchen. 

Playing Peek-a-Boo with Jordan from behind the couch.

The 2 above photos are by Jordan.

You look like such a big boy to me in these pictures - standing there so good. 

On Mama's lap. 


Bo, I love you so much! I'm sad already, thinking that as soon as I wean you (of which I am in no hurry to do) that you will be off playing with your brothers and you won't need me as much. You need me now (and while that means less sleep and less free time for me) I love every minute of YOU and wouldn't change a thing! 

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  1. Love these posts. Bo has been out of your womb for the same amount of time that my little one has been in my womb. So fun to see how fast he's growing and chaging. So sweet. Makes me even more anxious to hold my baby!! :)