Hi there. . . I need your help!

I get a lot of emails and comments asking me how I "do what I do." And to be honest, I dread this question! I dread answering it in a blog post most of all. (Keeping it real, here). But, I need to once and for all because I can't keep up with the email.

First, of all, I don't do it all! I have help, and lots of it!

Second, remember that what you see here is bits and pieces of our school throughout the week (or weeks). They all come together nicely in a blog post. This is why I like blogging - I can look back and see all that we did and realize that we really accomplished something! It is hard to see this in the daily grind, but in a post it is wonderful! And it keeps me going! If I didn't feel like I accomplished much, it would be so much harder for me to press on. (Believe me, your comments and friendship encourage me and keep me going too!).

As far as how I manage our day, I am writing a post for all who have asked or want to know - a "day in the life" post. I'm writing down what we do and when...

I am not sharing to share that I have an awesome schedule that I follow - I don't! I pray each day for the Father to order our day, and then I try to do everything heartily as unto Him! (Colossians 3:23)

I am sharing to give you a peek into our day - much like I attempted to do with our 1st week back to school post. Except that I haven't been brave enough to do an actual "day in the life" post, because our days can be CRAZY!

And, not only am I brave enough, I am doing a whole week! A four day week, that is.  So. . . if you could peek into our day, what part would you want to see? 

We are rowing Storm in the Night and doing a unit on weather. . . I'll share our "day in the life" posts next week (on their respective days), and then post our row at the end of the week. . . that way, you can see what each day was like. . . and see the finished product. But, I need to know NOW if there is anything in particular you want to see. . . I may not think to include some things. So far, day 2 is looking a lot like day 1 (minus the toilet paper incident). :D

Leave me a comment! or forever hold your peace! (smile)

P.S. I'll share our Night of the Moonjellies row soon!