Onion {Braid} and Garlic

This was my first year to grow onions and garlic. (I tried to grow garlic last year, but the squirrels got to it).  

Harvested August 7th

One bunch of garlic, 50 yellow onions, 100 white onions.

The whole bunch is dried and ready for braiding.

To see how I do this, go to Frugal's Forum and do a search Harvest: Braiding Onions Step by Step. (You have to register and sign in to read, but there are some amazing tutorials on there!)

And I learned that when this happens. . .

It means the onion is going to seed. If you want seed, let it. If you don't, cut it. Otherwise the onion stops growing. I also learned that I planted my onions too shallow. They get much bigger if you plant them deeper. I learned this because a friend of mine planted the same onion sets and hers were much bigger.

I lost all my white onions - they molded. The yellow onion braid is hanging up though and looking good.

I was given a bag full of garlic seed to plant this fall - in October. This will be my first time planting fall garlic. So excited! {I love garlic.}

I actually have one more garden post to share . . . another time!


  1. I love the braid you made. You did a wonderful job and it looks pretty hanging there too.

    That is way too bad about your onions, but you learned a lot and I know they will thrive next year!

    I hope your garlic does wonderfully! I love garlic too and it would be wonderful to have some growing in a garden in my backyard :-). Your garden posts always inspire me...I need to act on those inspirations though!! Looking forward to your next one.

  2. Just scrolled down to see the date on your last Boaz post--it's time for another one any day and I can't wait :-)!!

  3. I just realized you opened up comments again :) Love the onion braid!

  4. That is so cool! I've always wanted to try growing onions but seem to run out of space.
    I'm sorry that you lost some, but what you did get is really nice.