Harvesting. . .

Rainbow Swiss Chard

Red Core Chantenay Carrot

Pole Beans ~ Can you guess what they are in?

The ergo hood. =)  Quite handy! 

Roma Tomatoes ~ harvested September 14th

I harvested the rest of the tomatoes last week (the 19th maybe).  Our harvest total for storing is 22 pounds 11 ounces. (This doesn't count all the tomatoes we have been eating!). 

I ordered a Victorio Strainer for making sauce and I had a little girl who was more than willing to be my helper. . .  but I wasn't ready to start, so I had her help me peel garlic. 

More garlic peeling! 

I NEED to get in the kitchen to can today! 

Pickling Cucumbers

This is the last of the cucumbers. My cucumbers did great this year, but I was not great about getting to them. I didn't notice that they were producing and then all of sudden there they were and they were huge. Many didn't get picked in time or grew too big. I fed those to the chickens. I dehydrated enough cucumbers to fill 2 quart jars and the rest we ate. 

I just picked the last of the peppers, a few green tomatoes and some more beans. I did not plant a late summer garden. I am ready to be done. I will plant the garlic for next year though. 

I think it was a good year. (for me) 

We've decided that we will NOT plant corn or squash next year (takes up too much room for so little yield). I have several small squash out there that will probably not make it. I also have two honeydew and 2 eggplant (given to us as starts) that probably won't make it either. I am removing the strawberry bed by the shop - after seeing how well my two other strawberry beds produced, that one is going. Mali and Elli have been out there picking strawberries DAILY all summer in the new beds (they must be ever-bearing). I'm thinking of making 2 more 4x4 beds into strawberry beds next spring. 

Next year, I will plan to plant:

  • tomatoes

  • onion

  • garlic

  • basil (did very well)

  • cucumbers

  • pole beans along the fence

Oh, and I found my starter potatoes in the basement - they were a sight! But, a little late for those. 

I still have much work to do in the garden to winterize it. . . another time! 

Just so I don't forget: the rest of my garden updates on on my learning blog. I'm thinking about importing them here because this is where I usually blog about my garden - this year it was a homeschool challenge, so that is why they are over there. 

And I forgot to plant a tree! (Boaz' placenta is still in the freezer!) I can't believe I forgot. I will have to remember next Spring! 

I have a busy day today - canning, apple picking and Boaz is 9 months old today! 


  1. Wow!!!!! Beautiful harvest and love the family interaction :) Special and precious memories!

  2. Love the rainbow Swiss chard! My Roma tomatoes didn't ever take off this year. We think that it may have been too wet for them.
    Do you ever do any pickles with your cucumbers?

  3. I had to come back and comment on your updated pictures of the kids in your sidebar.
    They all turned out so perfectly--did you take the pictures yourself? I've always love pictures taken outdoors as opposed to studio style pictures.
    And Boaz is getting so big! My grandsons are also getting big, but I don't get to see them very often.
    It seems like the past 6 months have gone by in a blur. Has it felt that way to you too?

  4. I agree with Tamara, Michelle! Your bountiful harvest is absolutely beautiful and your children are so blessed to learn all of this from you. The knowledge they are gaining on being self sufficient is going to be with them their entire lives--truly a blessing. I LOVE these pictures.

    I'm going to comment about sweet Boaz here too...He is beautiful! Still has those dreamy blue eyes, creamy looking skin and cute hair. I cannot believe all that he is already doing!! WOW! I am LOL about the ride your boys rigged up for him. That is sweet, so funny and he looks adorable sitting in it. LOVE the seatbelt. I think that's my favorite part of it. I like his riding outfit too :-).