A Day in the Life {Boaz 1 Year Old}

Bo is up as early as 6:30 or 7 am. Pop usually gets up with him and lets Mama sleep in a bit (she's been working the "night shift"). While Mama is sleeping, Pop and Bo eat breakfast. Then Pop gets the boys up and it isn't long before Mama is up too. She drinks her tea and reads her email and then makes breakfast and starts school.

Bo plays in the living room while Jordan works on his school. Then Nathan takes a turn working on his school while keeping an eye on Bo. Mama is in the dining room with Mali and Elli.

We eat lunch, bathe and dress, and get ready for nap between 11:00 - 11:30.


Today, Mama decides Bo needs a haircut - his FIRST haircut!

Just a trim off the top. 

Enough to put in the scrapbook. :) 

Now it is time to get ready for a nap. This is the part where Mama (that's me) gets a workout. At first Bo is all smiles. . . he loves my bed. 

It is the same every time. . . I lay him down, he gets up. . . 

He crawls to the head of the bed to reach for the letters. Today they say LOVE, but sometimes he manages to pull a letter down. Once he knocked the E off the wall and tipped the V so it looked like an L. It said LOL. :)   

Then Mama tells him "no" and he crawls to the light switch. Mama lets him switch it on and off a few times. Sometimes she diapers him and puts his onesie on while he switches. 

Sometimes she just wrestles him down and dresses him - either way it is tiring. He's a strong boy. 

Then it is "night, night" time. I lay Bo in his crib, tell him "night, night, love you" and then start a load of laundry (in the adjoining laundry room). 

This is what he looks like when I get back. 

And after a few minutes of nursing (and Mama rubbing his forehead). . .  sound asleep. 

Today (12.28.11), I nursed him first and then lay him down for his nap. He cried just the same, but I laid him back down, said "night, night," patted his back and he KNEW. He only whimpered a bit until I left the room. I peeked in on him a few times and he was "talking" himself to sleep. :)  

11:30-1:30 nap

Up from his nap. . . and still a bit tired. 

I was planning on making cupcakes for his birthday today but didn't get to them, so I gave him all-natural sprinkles on his yogurt. :)

Bo feeds himself pretty good with a spoon and always puts his cup back in the cup holder. 

And shares too. :)

After snack time, Bo climbs whatever he can, gets into whatever he can, makes messes and plays with his toys. 

That's Bo's life - eat, sleep, play.  I tried to get more pics of Bo playing, but when I tried he was so busy that most of my pictures were blurry. 

The last few nights at bedtime, I tucked Bo in his crib and Elli in my bed and she sang him to sleep. :)

Tonight (12.28.11), I read to them both, sang a song and then tucked them both in. And he STAYED laying down! Elli sang "go to sleep" in her sweet voice.  I just went in to check on him and cover him up and he let me cover him up and then went to sleep. Praise YHVH! :) 

The next trip Luke makes to the property, I MAY just let him cry it out at night. That will be hard, but he is ONE year old - he should be able to sleep through the night! He nurses at night for comfort now. . . and will until I wean him - unless I do this. Eliana didn't sleep through the night until I weaned her at 2 1/2!! So, I'm willing to give it a try when Luke is gone - not because it will keep him up, but because it will bug me that he is sleeping and I am NOT, LOL!

12.30.11 The last two nights have been going well. Bo slept from 7:30 - 5:00am with only nursing once the first night - he was up at 11:30 and so was I so I nursed him before I went to bed. The second night, he slept from 8:00 to 5:30am without nursing (but waking a few times but going back to sleep when I comfort him) and then he nursed and slept with me until 8am! He has been easier to get to sleep, too. Last night, I got up to lay him down and tell him "night night" and he kept crying, so I got back into bed, said "night night" and sang for a minute and then hummed for a minute and he was quiet. Phew! I like having him in my room because I can hear him breathing. :)

My monthly update is still coming!