What I Love About You {12 Months}

12 Months

Boaz, I Love. . .

  • how you are taking off walking and your little wobbly legs as your learn to walk. . 12.1.11

  • that you "ran" to me today! So sweet!  12.1.11 

  • how you are starting to carry things as you walk. 12.5.11

  • that I've never had such an early walker. 

  • how you put your diaper "on" when I change you and you try to help. ha ha.

  • how you pick things up and put them away. {But you still make more messes than you clean up.} 12.6.11

  • how you are crawling up onto anything you can get your foot or knee up onto.

  • how you can follow simple commands. Today I asked you to bring me a book from the shelf and you did. 12.12.11

  • how you are doing little tasks like "sweeping." You move the broom back and forth and pick up the dust pan and carry it around. Yesterday, you wiped up the water you spilled from the Berkey (you can reach the nozzle now). 12.12.11 

  • how you sit on sissy when she is laying on the living room floor.  12.12.11 

  • how annoyed I am that Jordan calls you Kenny. Huh? 

  • the motor sounds you make when playing trucks - so cute! 12.14.11

  • how you "holler" for a brother (when I am hollering for one). 12.19.11


  • how you say mama, and how you say it anytime you are upset (whether you want me or not). 

  • how you need me when you need me, but how well you play and occupy yourself when you don't. 

  • how you communicate by pointing and the happy noises you make when we figure out what you want. 

  • how you climb up on to Mali and Elli's school desks and "color." (And then throw everything on to the floor). 

  • how BUSY you are - always moving from one thing to another.

  • that you need your first haircut.  

  • your sweet smile.

  • how amazing you are.

  • everything about you.

  • that you are ONE year old today! 

Today, I moved Bo's crib back into our bedroom to see if it would help him sleep at night. I have never been good about getting my babies to sleep and Bo still does not sleep through the night. Now that he is older, he crawls on top of me at night to nurse (which I love, especially when he stops nursing to smother me with kisses ♥). He goes to sleep in his crib (anytime between 7 and 9 depending on whether he had an hour long evening nap) and wakes at least once before we come to bed.  He still naps 1-2 times a day. His morning nap (1.5-2 hours) is now his afternoon nap and on those days he only takes one nap and goes to bed early.

I try to give him a bath as a part of our bedtime routine.


When Bo starting pulling himself up to stand at 7 months, I noticed that he had a small herniated belly button (my little brother had one when he was a baby). It wasn't noticeable until he stood up. I read that most go away by one year of age so we prayed this would be the case with Bo and I noticed a few weeks ago that I didn't notice it anymore. Thank you, YHVH. 

Bo is 20 pounds. He has been in a 12 month size clothes since 8 months and is about ready for an 18 month size. The next time we go to Billings I will pick him up some new clothes. He is good on toys. I bought him some pull back autos (they are pretty cool) and a Gund puppy. Eliana picked out a corn popper push toy for him.  He still loves his Digger truck and he LOVES his little soccer ball. He kicks it around the room and every now and then he picks it up and does a "throw in." Before he could walk, he would crawl over to it, stand up and put his foot on the ball to "stop" the ball. So incredibly cute. 

I took some video shots this month and need to make a video of Bo walking. I also have more pics and will share in my monthly update AND I'm planning to do a "day in the life" of Bo's little one year old life. . . I'll try this week. 

Love this boy.