Winter Projects

I've missed blogging. Hugs to those who've missed me this month. ♥ I've appreciated your emails. It was a nice break, but it felt much like the time that I decided to stop photographing life and just live it. . . this was about 4 or 5 years ago and I regretted it - I'll never get those moments back. I may not be able to put everything from my blog into my Project Life album. . . but blogging is therapeutic for me. It helps me to reflect on the life I am living, revel in the moments and, it helps me grow.

One blessing that came from taking a break is that I have spent more time doing other things. I'll share more of what I have been up to (um, really not that much, LOL - just little moments from our month) soon.

Another blessing is that I have thought of a list of things I want to DO {and then hopefully document what I do}. Because this blog is about my life - it's my story. And while my story {and my life for that matter} may not always be epic, I do have a blessed life. ♥

For me this winter. . .

  • make homemade marshmallows/hot cocoa mix  

    • make marshmallow hot cocoa stirrers

    • toast and dehydrate some mini marshmallows for toasted marshmallow hot cocoa 

    • make homemade hot cocoa mix 

  • figure out how to use non-instant dried milk {I bought a 50lb bag and it is not the same as instant}

  • Photos/Project Life 

    • order photos for 2011 / work on project life (finish '07, '08 & '09 and do '10)

    • order new project life kits {Cobalt and Clementine for '11 and '12} 

    • learn how to use Photoshop Elements 10 {I already want to give up, boo hoo}

  • make real soap 

  • make baby bottom salve and lip balm 

  • make beeswax candles 

  • buy some jute and learn to macramé 

  • sew Eliana some winter (fleece) and/or spring (cotton) dresses {like a simple gathered shift or an easy fleece skirt

  • start my spring cleaning early {time for a major decluttering because we have been in this house longer than any other now} 

The hot cocoa project will hopefully start next week ~ the idea stems from my obsession with Starbucks Hot Cocoa mix {so good, especially with coffee}. I tried making marshamallows today with a vegan gel but it didn't work. I need to find some kosher beef gelatin. I've been considering this one from Great Lakes.

Then, I'd like to make these marshmallow hot cocoa stirrers (but with organic chocolate sprinkles and wooden stir sticks) to go along with this hot cocoa mix (but with organic peppermint drops and leave out the instant milk in lieu of non-instant).  I'd like to give these as new moon gifts next month.

I've been researching how to make real soap. I was thinking of making a goats milk soap, a honey oatmeal, an unscented and maybe a lavender. {Any other suggestions?}

I've also been eyeing some salve and balm recipes for awhile now as well. . .the salve, the balm and the soap are all things we need. . .

All good things to keep me productive. . . and bless others.  :-)