All About Reading Level 2 {Sneak Peek Review}

I am excited to announce that the official release of All About Reading Level 2 is tomorrow, September 28th.

In honor of its release, All About Reading Level 2 will be 10% off from September 28 through October 8. {Just the Level 2 components}

Check out Level 2 materials and PDF samples.

If I could only write a two word review of what I have seen so far (the first six lessons), I would say: "Love it," because I do. But, I also want to say: "Worth it," because I think it is. 

What makes All About Reading so special? 

The lessons are scripted and you know exactly what to do every step of the way.  

Reading concepts are taught in a logical, understandable order and there are no gaps. And everything you need is included. 

The lessons are multi-sensory and engage the child using sight, sound and touch

All About Reading has continual review. 

And All About Reading Level 2 continues to be all that All About Reading has come to be known for.

This last month has been such a busy time for us. With soccer season, harvest season, and a new school year, we seem busier than usual. To top it off, trials seem to be coming one after another. But, despite all that is going on, it was a relief to be able to sit down, with all the materials I needed, all the words I needed to say, and teach my son to read. 

Reviewing the phonograms from Level 1. 

"Feed the Anteater" -- review of Lesson 1 words.

Reading: Lesson 1 Practice Sheet
Malachi only missed two words on the Practice Sheet -- blank and shrank (he used the short /a/ instead of a long /a/ sound). These were covered in Level 1, Lesson 38, so I will go back and review that lesson with him. Otherwise, he did great. His fluency has markedly improved since beginning Level 1 and he is reading with confidence. 

"Open or Closed?" -- review of the first and second syllable types. 

All About Reading is helping Malachi get some pretty important concepts that he just couldn't get before. For example, he struggled with the lesson on open and closed syllables in his Explode the Code (scheduled in Sonlight) and even though he redid the lesson, I'm still not sure that he really understood that an open vowel is long and a short vowel is closed and what that really means. But, he got it with our first All About Reading lesson! And what a delight that it was reinforced in our first lesson of All About Spelling Level 2

With the hands-on activities, Key Cards and Open and Closed Syllable {Door} Tags, and continual review, he is not likely to forget!

"It's a Dog's Life" -- Rhyming Words

One of the many things I love about All About Reading are the hands-on activities and Level 2 does not disappoint. Here is a video to share how Malachi is getting into this particular lesson on rhyming words -- by acting out each word. :)  

 Practicing the Reading Words - "Slept" :) 

He really needs a multi-sensory program. :) 

We will be doing All About Spelling Level 2 right alongside All About Reading Level 2, and so far, I think both programs are a hit.

Below Malachi is writing sentences for Step 1. . . and I am reviewing the rule for using ck with him. 

All About Spelling Level 2: Step 1. 
When he misspells a words, I can tell him exactly WHY it is misspelled. (Such a relief!) This not only helps him to be a better speller, but it helps me be a better TEACHER.

So far, I give All About Reading Level 2 two thumbs up! {Ditto for All About Spelling Level 2.}

I will have a full review of All About Reading Level 2. . . this has just been a "sneak peek" into Level 2 since it will be available tomorrow!

P.S. I received the first 6 lessons for free in order to facilitate an honest review. 
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