Project 52 {Weeks 26-29}


This month. . .

has been soooo busy! Right now, I have 2 weeks left to plan and pack for the Feast of Tabernacles! Tomorrow is Trumpets {Sept. 17th} and we are having a little party for the kids.

It’s a wonderful, GOOD busy, but busy all the same and I am having a hard time keeping up with all that I would like to do right now – like blog, read blogs, comment, facebook, Project Life and more! I really want to share more of my life right now, but I really can’t do it all and be the mom and wife I want to be – that I should be.

I can either live less and share more (because blogging takes precious time) or I can share less and live more!

Here’s what’s going on in my life right now:

  • I made a batch of Tamara’s Sugar Cookies for the Year mix to make trumpet cookies for the Feast of Trumpets! {It’s next Monday!} 

  • I’m working on a post to share ideas on how to celebrate it with little ones and why, as believers in Jesus Christ, we would want to! ♥ I have a plethora of party horns, ribbons, and activities to make it fun! ♥ 

  • I am shopping for men’s dress pants, shirts and ties and dresses for me for the upcoming Feast of Tabernacles and getting all our clothes organized for packing. 

  • I am making a poodle skirt for Eliana for a 50’s Sock Hop during the Feast. 

  • I am putting together quiet activities for church services during the Feast for Mali, Elli and Bo. So far, I have zipper pouches of stickers, small notebooks and foam bookmarks to stick them on. 

  • I am hosting a FI♥AR get-together in my home tomorrow and will be rowing Little Nino’s Pizzeria with 3 friends and their little ones. We are doing Science and Art. I am doing an Art lesson on Matisse and making an Italian flag pennant, Fruit Pizza Flag of Italy snack, and Italian Cream Sodas. {So excited!} 

  • I had to renew my driver’s license because it EXPIRED on my birthday (in which I turned 39!) last week! And I didn’t realize it until I submitted a credit app for cell phone service. 

  • I lost my cell 

  • phone. Jordan’s cell phone quit working. iPhone 4’s are now free with a 2-year contract so we are getting iPhones {finally!}. 

  • I lost my wallet. Thankfully, Bo pulled out most of it’s contents before who-knows-what-he-did-with-it. (Not sure what I am missing yet).
    I also lost my KEYS. :-/ 

  • I had my silver fillings removed and replaced with composite fillings and am doing a metal-detox. Bo is officially weaned, but still asks for it. Breaks my heart. 

  • I have only slightly been tending my poor neglected garden. I have green beans out there that need harvested. 

Well, besides all the normal stuff like cooking, dishes, laundry, and messes that seem to be messier than usual. . . that’s my life!