2013-2014 Curriculum

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The most notable change this year is that I am combining more children, yet keeping them in their own individual cores. Eliana and Malachi are doing Sonlight Core B, but I am having Malachi sit in on Core G History and Read Alouds with Dylan.  I had a hard time keeping up with RA's last year with Dylan, and Malachi is ready for more advanced history and read aloud time - and both cover World History! To do this, I got ahead on Core B RA's over the summer - we are on week 22. So, I can relax and focus on Dylan and Malachi. Eliana daily picks out FIAR books to read and talk about all things "remembery." ♥ And I plan to have her sit in on Bo's preschool when we are done with Tot School. I think she will enjoy that.

The second most notable change is that I added in Mystery of History to World History this year for a focus on Biblical History. I am not worried about how they line up, but so far, it is working out great! I started out in MOH, used Ruth Beechiks's book, Genesis: Finding Our Roots, then started Core G when we were in Ancient Egypt in Core B.

He is the line up:

Bo {Tot School}

Bo is half way through his school year already {we are on letter Mm this week} and I will continue to share updates on him and then share his new curriculum in January. 

Eliana {1st} and Malachi {3rd} 


Family Illustrated Bible (In lieu of Sonlight Bible - I wanted another year to read through a story Bible and this ones goes along nicely with World History). 
Human Body Unit Study 

History and Bible 

Evan Moor's History Pockets

Core B Read Alouds

Unit Study on the Human Body

Apologia Elementary - Exploring Creation with Astronomy
Eliana {1st}

Beginning Geography, Grades K-2 - E-book
All About Reading Level 1/ All About Spelling 1 {2nd half}
Explode the Code Online
Daily 6-Trait Writing, Grade 1 
Write a Super Sentence
Getty & Dubay Italic Handwriting
Singapore Math 1A/1B {Though, I have my eye on and would really love to get Math Lessons for a Living Education for her as soon as I can afford it.}

Reading and Spelling

Sample of her work from Daily 6-Traits. 

The speech bubble hearts say, "I love school."  

She is on lesson 26 in the workbook, but I don't love this program for her. I did for Malachi, but she takes after me when it comes to math. I am easily frustrated with her and I don't want that for her (or me). As soon as I can, I will try Math Lessons for a Living Education. It looks gentle and I think she will enjoy the story format. 

We are picking up where we left off with All About Reading. It got too hard for her about half way through, so I put it away and picked up Explode the Code 1. She will continue on with lessons online. 

Malachi {3rd}

Adventure Bible (On his own, in addition to the story Bible above, though this is actually a Feast gift so I haven't given it to him yet). 
Sonlight Core B World History 1 w/ Grade 3 Readers w/ Mystery of History & Core G History and Read Alouds

Grade 3 Readers

While I was planning on these for the coming year, Malachi read these over the summer using the Grade 3 reader schedule from Sonlight.  (Just the readers and schedule - we are not doing SL's Language Arts program).

So, in addition to All About Reading 3, he will read books of his choice this year. He's pretty excited about being "ahead" of schedule and wants to get even more ahead. So, I have Sonlight's Grade 4/5 books and reader schedule that he can choose to read from if he would like this year. 

So happy that he loves to read! 

My sister-in-law gave this copy of Primary Language Lessons and I like it. Malachi doesn't like the writing part, so I do some lessons orally. But, I like the nature observation lessons, the gentle introduction to grammar, and the dictation. (I am not having him do the memorizations.)

Dictation and working on a letter reversal. 

On its way! 

Dylan {8th}

Sonlight Core G World History 1 of 2 w/ Mystery of History I
Sonlight Core G Literature
Jump In Writing
Apologia Physical Science with Notebook
Life of Fred Pre-Algebra II
Instructors Guide

History, Literature and Bible


Physical Science Experiment

Dylan is off to a good start this year. He is more focused. And he gets more work done when he can listen to music. During school hours, he can listen on his iPod, but he can't have the password to access games or other apps. I unlock it, let him choose his playlist and then lock it again. And on the occasions when he talks me into giving him the password, I always regret it. It's a huge distraction.   

So far he has read Mara, Daughter of the Nile and is on the last chapter of Hittite Warrior.  So far I have read The Golden Goblet, and I am only a few chapters away from finishing God King.  I love reading to both boys and including Malachi helps keep me more accountable. Malachi loves being read aloud to! 

Nathan {9th}

Sonlight History/Geography 120 {American History in Depth}
Sonlight Literature 130 {American Literature}
One Year Adventure Novel {Creative Writing}
Exploring Creation With Chemistry
Algebra 1
Spanish 1
Windows Programming - Teen Coder

First quarter books ready to go. 

Nathan is an all-star student, but he is a little distracted this year. His curriculum takes longer (is harder, he says) this year. Last year, he read and enjoyed both the readers and the read alouds for Core H. This year, he has to answer questions each day on history and literature. This takes more time. Time that he would rather spend on his computer (the distraction). He is an Age of Empires enthusiast. He has an account on Steam and plays daily. He still gets his school and chores done, but to help him be more productive on his computer, I am having him do Teen Coder. He is interested in a career in computers, so hopefully this will be a good fit for him. He has been doing his school at the library daily during the week. Which means I have to be diligent to check his work to make sure he is doing it. And lately, he stays up and does it at night so he has less to do in the morning (and more gaming time, since we currently don't have internet at home).

He's doing well with Chemistry. This first section is almost identical to Physical Science so it was review and a little easier for him than Jordan, who had a year of Biology between the two courses. So, it is working out well having them do the same course. The hard part is timing the experiments so both boys are home at the same time. What's nice is that if one boy gathers the supplies and does an experiment, the supplies are ready for the next boy.

He loves the One Year Adventure Novel! He is already developing his Hero, but his story is in the future so it requires a lot more creativity - and thinking. (Rather than doing a historical fiction that requires research for authenticity, he has to invent what it will be like when his story takes place.)

Jordan {12th}

American Government
Economics for Everybody
The Power in Your Hands Writing
College English
College Math

So yes, I bumped Nathan up a level to be lab partners with Jordan, so that I could have Nathan and Dylan be lab partners next year for Biology. A little non-traditional in order, but that is the beauty of homeschooling.  And I love that they can help each other! I originally considered bumping Dylan up, but I am glad it is working out this way. 

Jordan is focusing on what he needs to do to get ready for college. He's busy and productive in more ways than one. He is balancing school and work and doesn't leave much time for play. In fact, he took this week off to do two roofing jobs that paid $15 and $18 an hour. But Diesel Mechanics is still his plan for college. 

So, this is what we have started our new year with.  I do plan to share some of the memories we are making with Core B. We always start out doing lots of "remembery" things (Eliana's word), and then slow down. AND, we did that again. Oh well, I have a few books to share and a few history things to share. AND we are rowing a book this month! I'm really excited about this one! :) And I'm still plugging away in Tot School with Bo, although it looked a little different our first couple weeks of school.

I'm looking forward to a great year. :)