Tot School with Bo {Letter Kk}

This is letter Kk from the month of June and I am playing catch up! 

Letter: Kk
Object: Keys
Theme: Household Objects

~Bo is 29 1/2 months old~ 

Bo saw the keys in the binder that I store Tot School Printables in and enthusiastically made it known that THAT is what he wanted to do next. So that we did. :)

Dot Paint the Keys 

Dot Sticker the Kk's 

(The translucent stickers are awesome because you can see through them! And adds more fine motor practice for Bo.) 

Left to Right Tracing 

And a sip of Mom's homemade iced white chocolate mocha. :) 

ABC Find It! ~ Letter Kk

Pipe Cleaner Color Match

Great for fine motor and matching colors! Bo's speech therapist left this and the Rice I-Spy Bottle for Bo to play with. (And me moving things around again!)

Letter Kk Basket

Keys Shadow Matching

Molding and Imprinting with Play Dough 


Bo loves keys, no doubt. I noticed he was very diligent to paint every little bit. 

Household Objects

Bo LOVED this theme! He went to find everything he could on the page, including his very favorite - my iPhone. 

Field Trip 

His dad also took him to Home Depot to have a set of his very own set of real working keys made (so he isn't so obsessed with mine!). He loved this!


I'll have an update on how speech therapy is going with Bo next time!

Real time update:

I decided that I would make a separate Project Life album for Bo for 2013... which means I am determined to follow through and finish this series by the end of this year AND blog about it.  I will start linking up again once I get caught up. I just don't have time to read and leave comments as much as I'd like to right now.  (Sorry!) I know this is why many stop blogging - you lose a sense of community when you are not able to visit other blogs and encourage others - and be encouraged.  In fact, I started blogging about tot school to give me the motivation I need to do tot school (to keep me accountable), but now I have another reason to motivate me. And I ♥ it.

Coming up next: Letter Jj is for July and Jellyfish and our trip to the Oregon Coast! And I'd like to do an update soon on what has been going on in our life this summer... too much to tag on the end of a tot school post.  ;-)  But, we are packing and cleaning right now - getting ready to go to Big Fork, MT for 8 days to spend the Feast of Tabernacles with our church family. So, more another time. :)

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