Charlotte's Web Memory Making {Sonlight Core B}

Our time together with Charlotte's Web was simply reading the book, learning about spiders, and making a fun treat to go along with the book.

Apologia Elementary Zoo 3, Chapter 13: Spiders, Try This! Activity.
We read the lesson on spiders (pp. 229-237) and designed this orb web the same way an orb weaver would.
We learned about other types of webs, such as funnel webs, tangle webs (also called cobwebs), and sheet webs, and also how a spider uses it's silk. We learned about the anatomy of a spider, spider friends and foes, about hunting spiders and more.
 A spider, whom we affectionately named Charlotte, lived in our school room window all summer. It was interesting to watch her catch her prey, wrap them up and then carry them to the corner of the window.  We watched her grow quite large and then one day we noticed her sitting still in the corner of the window and never saw her move again. It was a sad reflection of the book, but neat to watch her through most of her lifecycle and make that connection. 
We made spider web funnel cakes for a memory making treat. This idea came from a reader on my Facebook page. Thanks, Sarah!

And I bought the kids a bouquet of balloons inspired by the story for our "fair" themed breakfast. This was Eliana's idea.♥

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