Little Pear Memory Making {Sonlight Core B}

For Little Pear, we made Tanghulars for a fun memory making treat. Also called Bing Tang Hu Lu, they are sugar-coated Chinese hawthorns on a stick. We made ours with cherries, so they would look authentic. We put them on skewers and dipped them in a hot medium syrup that I brought to a boil and we enjoyed our candied cherries on a stick! 

As you can see, they were super sticky!  So sticky, that Malachi lost his spacer. He doesn't need it anymore, but it did require a trip to the dentist to make sure. I didn't boil the syrup long enough - it needs to come to a hard-crack stage, so 302 degrees F, so they are more like a hard candy coating, like candy apples maybe? 


  1. I would love to make these with my kids this week as we wrap up Little Pear. Can you be more specific in how you made the syrup?

    1. Hi Holli, I followed the directions in my Ball Canning & Preserving book for a "medium syrup." Maybe this will help?