Tot School with Bo {Letter Ll}

Letter Ll is from our first official week back to school in August. We did many of our subjects on the couch, so Bo pulled up his little red chair to the coffee table and joined us! Our week was very laid back, so I ended up extending our nature theme to go along with the letter Nn. And ALL tot school this week was initiated by Bo. 

Letter: Ll
Object: Leaf
Theme: Nature

~Bo is 32 months~

What Starts with Ll? 

Bo is tracing the Ll on his own. He has several handwriting apps on my phone, so no doubt, he understands the concept! 

Dot Paint the Leaf

He did one, sat back, and was totally satisfied and ready to move on! 

Dot Paint the Letter Ll

He did, however, dot paint all the Ll's. 

Left to Right Tracing 

Leaf Colors 

ABC Find It! Letter Ll

Since I was doing school with Mali and Elli, Bo not only found the cards, but he hid them too. :) 

Ice Cream at the Park 

Enjoying the last little bit of summer around here. 

Linking the Leaf

Bo has a harder time with the stars and gives up easily. He prefers the ovals.  But he was very interested in Eliana playing with the links with him. 

Leaf Shadow Matching 

Leaf Puzzle 

These are not easy for him yet. 

Nature Pictures

Bo placed a link on each one as we talked about them and/or named them.  


Since we had the links out, he started matching them up, but we don't have all the shapes, so I named them as he placed a link on them just like we did with the nature pictures. 


I was all out of printables for the day, so Bo got out the playdough, a tray, and the supplies all by himself. 

I include the next picture because I had a number of interruptions to help a boy with Chemistry. 

Malachi and Eliana were working on independent work that didn't require my full attention, so I was able to take a few photos of Bo doing tot school on his own, get Mali and Elli going on their school, and help the older boys with their school. Phew! That is multitasking. 

It was survival mode for Bo this week, but that is one thing he is very good at! He is very independent and helps himself. A lot. 

Playdough and AlphaPops at the dining room table while I do a read aloud. 

Real time update: We finished letter Oo this past week. If I stick with one letter a week, I can finish tot school by the end of the year and just in time for Bo's 3rd birthday.  I may try to double up and post Letter Mm this week to get caught up on posting, except that this is our last week of soccer (and I haven't started the post yet) so I might try to do that next week. ;-) 

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