Tot School with Bo {Letter Mm & Goodnight Moon}

Letter Mm is from early September. We read the Book Goodnight Moon, did a craft and some activities, made a new moon cake for the Feast of Trumpets, and more!
Letter: Mm
Object: Mouse
Theme: Small Mammals

~Bo is 32 months~

3 Part Puzzle

Tracing the Letter Mm (with his finger)

Dot Paint the Mice

Dot Paint the Mm's

What Begins with Mm?

Mouse Colors

Library Trip

The library might be the perfect place to potty train a little boy. He loves the cute little toilet that actually flushes! The library bathroom even has cute little paper seat covers. He must have gone at least 3 times the short time we were there. And we came home with a stack of mouse and moon themed books, including Goodnight Moon.

Cookie Cutter M Painting

Single or Pairs of Mittens Match 

(From Goodnight Moon Literature Based Printables)

I also pulled out our cards and lapjournal from when we rowed Goodnight Moon and we did several activities and read more books.

Matching Story Cards to the Pictures in the Book

I Spy a Circle / Mouse Shapes

A mouse in the circle. 

A mouse in the moon. 

Goodnight Moon Breakfast 

A Bowl Full of Mush and English Muffin Moons, and of course some Red Balloons. 

Finding a comb and a brush and a bowl full of mush in the story. 

ABC Find It! Letter Mm

Three Little Bears Sitting on Chairs

And two little kittens and a small mouse. (Courtesy of Eliana). ♥

Love that he didn't want to cover up his stars. ♥
Hanging up Mittens

I originally did this with Eliana when we rowed Goodnight Moon. I traced his hand the same way and made mittens, but this time out of construction paper, instead of felt.

Left to Right Tracing

Naming the Aminals

Bo loooves baby animals.

Cutting Practice and Shadow Matching

Little, Big, Biggest

Bo can say "baby" so anything that is little he calls baby. He also puts his thumb and forefinger together to show me little (or baby).

Goodnight Moon Shapes

This is from our lapjournal when we rowed Goodnight Moon.

What Color is the Balloon?

We were in the middle of packing for the Feast of Tabernacles when we finished Letter Mm and Bo decided that we needed to pack our Tot School binder as well. ♥ Here he is putting it in the trailer that we took.  (I pulled letter Nn out to bring with us!)

Bo has a new obsession - his swimming shirt and trunks. He wears them as often as possible and even checks the dryer for them if they are missing. He looooves to swim.  I did Parent-Tot lessons with him this summer, but I am waiting until he turns 3 to do lessons again, so he can be in the water without me.  Even today, as I type this over a month later, he is wearing the same outfit. And he has his own sign for swimming, which is holding his breath, plugging his nose and pretending to go underwater. ♥

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